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When will the HARD dungeons be released?



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    @CobaltDragon is the genius behind this level-up event. All the credit should go to him. He did a LOT of work to make it happen.

    In that case, thank you very much @CobaltDragon ! :) This level-up event is AWESOME! So far, I have made a Brawler and a Lancer, and taken them both to level 65. I had never played a tank, and I had never done a dungeon with other people. I am a solo player, so I always soloed all of the level dungeons, with all of my characters. This event not only inspired me to try out tank characters, but I have now done quite a few level dungeons using Instance Matching, and it turns out the group thing in dungeons is MUCH faster and easier than doing them all solo. I am really loving the tank characters, especially the Brawler. She will probably end up becoming one of my main characters that I play, because she definitely fits my play style. :)

    I had such a good time with these two, I started another Brawler on my alt gamer tag today, and I have her up to level 50, but I have to go to bed. I have to work this week, so I will keep working on leveling her up, for a few hours each evening after work. I should be able to get her up to 65 before the event ends, but I doubt I will be able to do a Lancer on my alt gamer tag. If I can work it out to get the Brawler to 65 before next weekend, then I may be able to power through a Lancer, from 1 to 65, next weekend. We will see. :)

    This is almost as much fun as leveling up a newly released class (like when I did the Ninja and Gunner classes, when they first came out on console). All of the amazing rewards for leveling really make this event great! You did an amazing job creating this event, and I certainly hope we can have more of these events, in the future. :)
  • @GuardianAngelGG - I am happy to hear that the Leveling Event has been so enjoyable.

    Also, if you have any feedback on areas of opportunities, I'll gladly take them.
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    @GuardianAngelGG - I am happy to hear that the Leveling Event has been so enjoyable.

    Also, if you have any feedback on areas of opportunities, I'll gladly take them.

    Thank you very much. That is very kind of you. Honestly, if I were to ask any more of this leveling event, it would just be because players are always happy to accept more in-game items, and I would just be being greedy. So, if you want to throw in an extra 10 million gold and full Ambush gear for the next event, then I am all for it! LOL :D

    Honestly, a "pop up" event like this was very exciting, and the extra items for leveling were VERY GENEROUS! Plenty of armor and accessories (via level tokens), enchanting materials, and other things appropriate for every few levels I went up. Also, you had costume items in there (mirrored sunglasses, special weapon skins, and plenty of fashion coupons), which was great. They are an amazing bonus for a special event like this. The Fashion Coupons are my favorite drops from Ace Dungeons and Island of Dawn, so I was really excited to see such a large giveaway for the event. Giving away a really cool-looking ground mount with 280 speed at level 16 was also very generous and greatly appreciated. The green auto-loot dragon at level 27 was also a great bonus item. It looks like a green version of "Dragonette", which is probably the most popular auto-loot pet that you would normally have to buy with EMP or through the Trade Broker, for an even higher price than the other auto-loot pets, so that was a great incentive for new or veteran players. As we went up in levels, we also got XP Boosts, HP and Mana potions, gems to sell to the merchants, food items that give combat buffs, and plenty of other great things. I honestly can't go on enough about how great this event is, especially given that the event lasts for three weeks, which is great for people like me, who work more than full-time, so we can't be on our Xbox 24/7. Given that amount of time, I think it is plenty of time for most people to be able to at least get one character up to level 65, even if they are new to the game. Of course, they really only need to get them to 64, to benefit from all of the bonus giveaways, which was really cool already having the level 65 gear and accessories, before we even got to level 65 (I personally went ahead and enchanted my stuff up to +12, while I was still level 64, so it would be ready to put on, as soon as I hit 65). To level up fast, I just followed the story line and Vanguard reward challenges (so that I could keep getting the armor upgrades appropriate for the BAMs I was fighting) until I hit level 22. From level 22, I was able to just get armor upgrades from all of the leveling tokens, which let me focus on Vanguard rewards for fighting BAMs and doing dungeons. Once I hit level 60, I went back to doing the story line, because 60 to 65 comes very quickly with all of the XP and rewards from that part of the story line. Of course, for weapons I kept killing monsters until I got enough relic pieces for the special weapons (I usually get the relic weapons before I am high enough level to equip them, because I will "farm" for the relic pieces in a region, once the first one drops). Of course, for NEW players I strongly recommend doing the whole story line, because it is fun. After doing it a few times though, it is not as quite as necessary to players with multiple characters.

    I always soloed level dungeons before, but this leveling event actually inspired me to do quite a few dungeons with groups, because it can take me a half hour to an hour for a single dungeon, when I solo it, depending on which one, but going in with a group makes it much faster and easier. This event was literally the first time I have ever gone into a dungeon with other people. I have never played a tank before, and I honestly had no idea that I would love this class so much, so this event also inspired me to try out a new class, as well as try dungeoning with other players. I am sure you guys have looked at server statistics, and already know this, but I was surprised at HOW MANY people I saw while I was leveling up, who were riding the special event mount, had their green dragon running around with them, and all of that. It seemed pretty apparent to me that this event appealed to a LOT of players! Being a solo player, I don't know what the normal class distribution is, but I think there were at least two tanks in every dungeon I went into through the Instance Matching thing. I specifically recall doing a level dungeon yesterday, where THREE of us in the group were all Brawlers, while I was working on the new Brawler for my alt gamertag. There are obviously a LOT of players who were excited about this event and started up new characters.

    You guys would need to check your server statistics, but I have a feeling this enticed enough players to create new characters, or maybe even new players to try out the game for the first time, that it would be worth repeating this for different classes, in the future. We just had the Ninja launch event a couple of months ago, so having something like this a couple of months later was INCREDIBLE! I "think" I read that you guys plan on Valkyrie coming out in January, so I have definitely been looking forward to that. If we could have something just like this tank leveling event, for a different class, a couple of months after the Valkyrie launch events (assuming it comes out in January), then that would be great. For me "personally", my Sorceress has become my favorite character, so that would be a fun one "for me". One of you mentioned in a post that the event was set up for tanks, because so many players talk about how hard it is to find tanks for the upper level dungeons. I "think" I have read numerous forum posts where people have mentioned that they have a hard time finding healers for upper level dungeons. You might want to consider setting this event up again, around March or April (if Valkyrie is coming out in January), for the healer classes. I think the healer classes would be a bit complicated for me "personally" (I am a basic button-masher, when I play games), but I also did not think I would care much for the tanks, and I already know that my Brawler is going to be one of my main characters I play regularly. I will probably just use the Lancer for farming tokens in the Vanguard rewards, but I love my Brawler! I am sure a healer leveling event would inspire more players to try out the healer classes and possibly come to love it more than they thought they would. Whether I feel like I might like the healer class or not, I would MOST DEFINITELY participate in the leveling event and get a healer up to level 65 for the rewards, if nothing else. If this event inspired some new players to try out the game, then I am sure the healer event would also do that. Of course, if you guys are willing to do this again, the best thing to do would be to set up a poll on here, to ask the players which class they would like to have a leveling event for. With Gunner and Ninja being so new, I would probably leave them out for now, because we just had launch events for them. I think it would be better to have the level event for the older classes, to get people to try them out, if they haven't before. Of course, if you want to throw Ninja and Gunner into the poll, then a lot of people may want to go for one of those.

    If Valkyrie is coming in January, then March or April would be a nice time for another class leveling event like this one, because it would come in the middle of waiting between Valkyrie and the Summer Festival. I absolutely LOVED the Summer Festival, and I have been looking forward to doing it again, ever since it ended this summer. The Summer Festival had AMAZING rewards (upper level gear and accessories, plus cosmetic items) for doing fun challenges that were not too difficult. For someone like me, being able to get such major rewards for performing gathering and crafting type things (snow cones), or fun games (blind-folded watermelon bashing and water cannons), was a really great break from constantly getting rewards just from fighting monsters over and over again. I know I had echoed in someone else's post that more solo events that reward with upper level gear and accessories would be a great thing for Tera. Honestly, even that solo dungeon in the Summer Festival where you fight vampires was still fun, because you went in with an entirely different set of skills, and had to figure out how to use those effectively, so it was really cool. The gathering and crafting part of Rootstock was great, to make food items that give us combat buffs, but the pig herding, hay bale, and drum beating thing (in Pond Faire) were a bit too difficult and time-consuming, so those parts were a bit annoying. I chimed in on some previous posts, where people recommended just slowing down the enemies for the hay bale and pig herding events a little bit (not a lot, but just a touch), because the prizes for those were not that great, so it was not worth the effort. I sometimes literally started the events, just stood there and waited for the timer to run out, then accepted the default prizes for participating, because the little extra reward I would get when I won was not worth the hassle. Someone else also recommended just having one enemy for the hay bale thing, instead of two, as an alternate to slowing down the enemies for that one. It has also been mentioned that the drums for beating back the frogs in Pond Faire need a little work, because they did not always seem to respond properly, and it was just too difficult to win, for the number of times it actually took to eventually get the permanent pet frogs. With the frog drum thing, I eventually got all three permanent frogs for one of my characters, but I just didn't bother getting them for my other characters, because it was just too frustrating. Those were actually OK events, but they could use a little fine-tuning, to be a little easier and less frustrating.

    Like most players, I mostly post in the forums when I want to point out something that could be done better in Tera, or that would make things more fun, or to point out a bug that needs fixed. I sometimes feel bad that many of my posts are basically "complaining" about the game, but it is actually only because I really love Tera overall. In all of the years that I have been playing video games, this is only the third game I cared enough about to actually join their online forum and participate, because I do love the game and I really want it to continue on and grow even more. I am VERY HAPPY to say that I am extremely happy and excited about this whole tank leveling event. I would love to see more of these leveling events in the future. If you set up the future ones just like you did this one for the tanks, then I would be very happy about it, just the way it is, and I am sure plenty of other players would be happy about it, too. All I can really say is that you did an AMAZING JOB, setting up this event. :) +1
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    @GuardianAngelGG - I am happy to hear that the Leveling Event has been so enjoyable.

    Also, if you have any feedback on areas of opportunities, I'll gladly take them.

    My guild member was having a hard time enjoying this game due to not being able to find a class she liked, but this event got her to create a Brawler which she loves. Thank you for all the time you put into this event for us! I know it was a pretty long day for you, but we all appreciate your efforts ^.^ @CobaltDragon
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