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General Class Guide



  • when does the consel get the brawler class for elin ?
  • GJJ6PX43LW wrote: »
    when does the consel get the brawler class for elin ?
    Most like it will be a ways off, since that is a Race/Gender that was just added for Brawlers on TERA PC.
  • ViftsVifts ✭✭
    edited January 2019
    I'm planning to update this guide in the near future once I can afford another PS4 to start playing again. Though I don't think the changes will be too dramatic.

    EDIT: Buying one very soon so I will be back to making guides as I intended when console launched! \o/
  • nice good job
  • RomZRomZ ✭✭
    Popori brawler when D:
  • NarfianNarfian
    edited August 17

    Since this is an announcement, can this be updated to the latest patch? Mainly the Berserker class being able to tank part, all tanking abilities have been removed in the Awakening update. New players might be starting a Berserker, maybe willing to tank, to find out it isn't possible? (Me for instance) :'( . And maybe some info on how to start tanking as a Warrior, since you can only do so if you are part of a guild or using the LFG. In Dungeon Matching there are only 2 tanks, Lancer and Brawler.

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