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The Current Gearing System Needs To Be Changed Or Adjusted



  • At least you won't fail until the end of time like the old +15 system. Imagine being 20 enchantments in or so as you are now, but with no enchantment advantage at all and no end in sight. That being said, HO isn't for everyone.
  • Emeris6 wrote: »
    At least you won't fail until the end of time like the old +15 system. Imagine being 20 enchantments in or so as you are now, but with no enchantment advantage at all and no end in sight. That being said, HO isn't for everyone.
    Sure the old gearing system sucked, doesn't mean this one is any better. I also agree that HO isn't for everyone, but the problem isn't just HO, it's the entire gearing system. The current system doesn't reward the dedicated or the capable of clearing the hardest dungeons, it rewards the luckiest. Some people could succeed after one or two tries, while others could take months and spend tens of millions to get to the same point just because RNG doesn't like them, so how is that rewarding and fair?

    Nopi wrote: »
    Would there be any way for us to know the opinion of the general Korean playerbase?
    I know that when +3 was first introduced there was an outlash because of its initial cost, and not long ago a Korean player dropped about 180$ to enchant his weapon to only fail, additionally, a known Korean streamer has expressed her annoyance with this RNG madness, so that should give you an idea of how people feel about this system over there.

    However, we shouldn't wait for the Koreans to complain for us. We need our voices to be heard and some regional changes that cater to western players to occur.

    Nopi wrote: »
    As far as what I feel EME can do here in the West, they may be limited to mostly change the supply of materials.
    I know that they are capable of increasing the success chance by a certain factor because they have done it before.

    Nopi wrote: »
    Anyway, as I started hinting in my previous post, I'm seeing this trend to make these games much more difficult/grindy and generally much more restricting to reach and do end game.
    That's why we need to voice our concerns, hopefully @KitTeaCup will forward our concerns to Bluehole, and introduce a short term solution until it's addressed by the developers.
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2018
    I already said a lot about how bad the current gearing system is, anyway:

    1 - Gear EXP shoud be farmable till 100%, only this change alone will fix almost all problems with the gearing system;

    2 - Wanna release new impossible grindy gear and raise iLVL for new content each 6 months? Then just NERF the enchanting cost of actual low~upper mid-tier gear, it does not make sense to force a new player to farm full SC+7 for months just so they can reap VG rewards for a brain dead GLSNM dungeon..(In VM9 days we could farm Misery+12 in less than a week and with skill was enough to clear even 5 stars VSHM!)

    3 - Stupid crafting system, if BHS rly wanna me afk for hours just converting thousands of talents then why not start paying my electric bills...

    4 - Talents should be way easier to farm IN dungeons and not in boring af IOD or only on PVP content with like 30 min queue times...

    Overall the old VM system was way better and nowadays i rly think EME/BHS are making a profit of this grindy af gearing system, the "opportunity cost" after SC+7 is way TOO much for anyone to gear the "free way"..
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    Emeris6 wrote: »
    At least you won't fail until the end of time like the old +15 system. Imagine being 20 enchantments in or so as you are now, but with no enchantment advantage at all and no end in sight. That being said, HO isn't for everyone.

    While you're not wrong, this excludes the issue of how content can be locked away from a player exactly because they have don't have [filtered]-out BiS equipment. Instead of needing better gear to alleviate the challenge, you now need better gear just to meet the minimum.

    And even if you remove the gear scores from the mix, several boss fights rely on "shield phases" or a time requirement of some sort or else the boss goes berserk and now OHKO's with every hit (old-school RG) or the party flat out wipes (SCE, RK9). You just can't do that with "sub-par" equipment like in some other games (Vindictus immediately comes to mind). Again, now you need the best gear just to break even with the game.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    @ssQ Agreed. Now, I still feel the current system can be saved. It just needs tweaks to make only BiS hard/grindy to get, while making the rest of the end game appropriate gear less of a pain. Still a grind, but not as hopeless as we see now. I believe an old game's player base should be mostly at end game. Not scrambling at RNG shenanigans.
  • I'm going to maintain that you don't really need best-in-slot to make most content happen. It's just that the game itself innately expects you to have the best gear available, because if you don't, you're at that much disadvantage compared to your peers.

    The need for a gearing revamp was preventable simply by adding enchantment correction to Awakened gear in the previous system. But, in lieu of that, 2% correction rate on any level of Heroic Oath is absolutely paltry compared to what's required to make an attempt. There's really no two ways about it, and I have to maintain that there's really no sense of accomplishment in having higher-end gear either. It's all really just a series of force multipliers.

    With that said, I wouldn't be opposed to region-specific gearing changes, but if the combined cost and success rates aren't okay outside of Korea, then they shouldn't go unchanged on kTERA either. It is better to address the problem than the symptoms.
  • Emeris6Emeris6 ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    double post mb
  • Emeris6Emeris6 ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    SageWindu wrote:
    Again, now you need the best gear just to break even with the game.

    DRC is a flat out joke, and GLS isn't much harder. Those are the only 2 relevant dungeons right now. I'll agree rmh is a bit on the rough side for unskilled parties, but people were doing it in stormcry before HO was even released.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    RKC wrote: »
    LOL RNG is RNG. It doesnt matter if less or more RNG, its still RNG. All MMO's have it. You have to get used to it. If you plan to go hardcore on an MMO prepare for the hurts.

    Not all MMORPGS have RNG as the only option for gearing. The only RNG all MMORPGs have are for drops and damage (crits/procs). The over reliance on randomness for the gearing process is simply because it's a lazy and effortless copy/paste method, given the games that do it differently weren't that big during Tera's development, and BHS [KR devs in general] have the market awareness of a potato anyways.
  • I mean you're aiming at the absolute best gear possible. Right now if you run around in Stormcry you can have a lot of fun.

    I'm a returning player, i stopped playing around VM9.

    I came back to the game, super hard to learn the new stuff, and how gear now has it's own progression and you don't discard gear, but upgrade it. In my 1st day i got full Frostmetal pieces, and Stormcry Weapon. In the FIRST day after coming back, still didn't know my warrior rotations again, but i had that gear.

    After some hours i discover Stormcry isn't the best gear, but Heroic Oath is. I inspected some warrior to check his setup and i saw he had full HO +2-+3, but it was the only player i saw with that much gear.

    If i managed to get full Frostmetal and Stormcry weapon in a few hours in coming back, then the grind for HO reminds me of grinding for a full +15 BiS set back in the day, which involved a lot more RNG than it does today, or so it seems.

    I really like the new system, in the past you'd only have like 4 dungeons worth doing, and it was hard making public parties for the hardest HM's. Now the gear progression matters a lot, and you can be playing for 1 week, still grinding Stormcry, jewelery, and when you reach a certain ilvl new dungeons appear, that's a very good new mechanic, because back in the day it was so easy to reach the required ilvl to do ANYTHING, now the progression is bigger and more entertaining, i hated to log in, do a few runs, some IoD bams, and then i was AFK for hours. Now Vanguard Requests reset so you can do them as much as you want, that's super good!

    The enchant system will always be a pain in the [filtered], i don't think the playerbase should aim at getting HO, it seems like a luxury to me and in no way part of the progression, not untill you have full Stormcry +9 and start getting enough mats lying around that you start upgrading.

    I agree that when gear reaches 100% exp, the item should have 100% enchant success. Right now i have my Stormcry weapon +0, i've gone past the exp "cap" of the weapon, and my success chance is 30%. Really made me sad to see after grinding 5k item exp, i was going to probably fail the enchant, which is nowere near cheap.

    On the other hand, man you get GOLD now. Doing a dungeon leaves emeralds, mats, and like 2k gold. The rewards from CS are insane too.

    Imo the progression is fine, but they need to re-adjust the success chance-item exp ratio. They need to make it so you have half your item exp as a success chance. So if you have 100% item exp, you have 50%, if you go over that exp cap (which i have) up to 200% item exp, then you get 100% chance. Or when you go above 100% item exp, after failing, you get increased success chance for the next attempt.

    Maybe some way of "boosting" the success chance with item exp, like you can spend ALL YOUR ITEM'S EXP in a single piece of gear, to greatly increase that particular item's success chance using other item's exp, at the cost of focusing on a single piece of gear.

    Really it seems like item exp is worthless right now.
  • tbh saw this coming... when SC was top tier and awful to obtain, I remember thinking "it can only get worse." i had hoped maybe bhs would keep HO at the same difficulty as +9 SC were, and lower the costs to enchant lower tiers. yet here we are.
  • Rich people problems
  • 00773d295da2086c84b24e9078bdb0af.png
    maximum allowed item exp, still 60% chance
  • imo getting stormcry+9-ho+0 is very hard...but if u can run grotto hard mode ull pretty much have an easier time enchanting your gear till +2....+3 seems to be obtainable by superhardcore atm since bahaar is so hard or u can grind bg for the hammer...and double drop is nice..
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