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Back to the atrocious lag

Thanks Enmasse you tease me for a week with amazing ping and no lag/dsync but after today maintenance you bend me over and take it all away... Game is unplayable, too much [filtered] lag is absolutely frustrating. Here I was thinking good changes were coming just to be flip off and spit on the face. Can you guys at Enmasse do anything properly? I knew this [filtered] was going to happen and I'm still livid. Time to stop playing this garbage...


  • For the time being we have decided to return to using Zayo as primary (w/Savvis as backup). It was found that Zayo provided marginally improved overall connection quality for our userbase at large.

    Related thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/29971/fyi-network-routing-experiment-in-progress

    Please continue to provide feedback on network issues.
  • I know right, i finally had my old 110 ping back and i was so happy, now it's back to 170-180. Sucks
  • This is disappointing. I think you guys should've kept savvis. The ping was perfect since last week and now today the ping issue is back after the zayo change. Today I was fine from 6 pm - 8:40 pm with ~20-30 ping. But since then, it's now hovering at ~70-80 and going at 100-120 at times.
  • AyiAyi ✭✭✭
    My ping is way better today, thank you EME team :)
  • okay for everyone complaining...chill it was just a test and theyre probably looking at the data on how much is affected by it and I guess it did increased most of the players ping (including me) so they switched it back to zayo....
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    feazeshero wrote: »
    This is disappointing. I think you guys should've kept savvis. The ping was perfect since last week and now today the ping issue is back after the zayo change. Today I was fine from 6 pm - 8:40 pm with ~20-30 ping. But since then, it's now hovering at ~70-80 and going at 100-120 at times.
    What people need to understand is while savvis made ping much better for some people, it made the lag atrocious for others the moment they switched. They chose to stay with zayo since overall a smidgen less people had horrible ping with it.
  • Wow, what a mouth ( or fingers, if you prefer) some people have...
    I agree with the chill part... they are testing the network routing and what may lag others to no end brings better ping and playability to others, and vice versa.
    It was already stated and a thread made here about these tests.

    You'll get absolutely nothing from foul mouthing and rudeness.
  • To all of you on North America but with bad ping: Have you ever considered using VPN?
  • I was considering returning to the game after more than a year pause.
    Played for some days and I thought the lower ping was related to my different ISP since the last time I used to play, but then I found out about this routing testing.

    Too bad, looks like I'm on the side of the ones affected negatively, and I'm already considering not playing again anymore.
    (VPN does nothing to me so it isn't even an option)
  • I know I don't need a vpn when I didn't experience lag for 4-5 months straight, playing at ~20-30 ping consistently especially during peak times. And then all of a sudden since one of the new patch updates, surprisingly it changed a bit only during peak times on weekdays under the same provider (zayo). When you play under a good ping for so many days on a class that depends on good ping and with just a little difference you can tell something is wrong. Tell me, something must've changed. And I'm not the only person. Also keep in mind not everyone comes to the forums to report their trouble. How do you know the data is reliable from what everyone investigated?

    I can't do anything but yes of course everyone recommends vpn but it doesn't work for me. Will I resort to that as a last resort? I might if I have to but it's already frustrating to deal with something that shouldn't be happening at all period especially since I am a few hours from the servers. You guys did something earlier this year to fix the routing issues most people were having (when we sent the diag results), especially ones that go through the Chicago routing. I noticed since that time it was totally fixed but it seems like that same issue returned again. Would be great if you guys can take a look again why does it go up at only peak times on weekdays. It doesn't happen when it's on savvis.
  • Taking mudfish as example you could buy monthly sub for less than 1$/month or use data plan, 27gb of data for 3$ that would last years and could help in some cases.
  • feazeshero wrote: »
    Tell me, something must've changed.

    Almost certainly, whatever changed was some backend thing inside Zayo (they added/replaced some switch, change a route table to reroute around something, etc. etc.), which can happen at any time without any prior notice. It probably just changed again for whatever internal Zayo reason, which impacted TERA for some people. If they have a bunch of correlating data from people showing specific bad hops, they can forward it to them for investigation, but that's about all they can do short of changing networks again (either to Savvis, or maybe finding something else).
  • After all this years and screw ups enmasse hasn't learned to switch off from Savvis/Zayo but keep sticking with them. If they give bad services for many years unresolved it's time to say goodbye. On EU Tera, people that live few hours away from the server have single digit ping.
  • @counterpoint

    So it looks like last night during peak time it was pretty normal. Just 1 or 2 hiccups for a span about 7-10 minutes at a time where it jumped slightly to 70-80 ms and then back down. It seemed like I experienced a big lag spike while I was in a dungeon where none of my keys responded for 1 or 2 seconds, but this happened once or twice. I couldn't check the ping because I was busy tanking. Other than that it was pretty normal for the most part. It's a little improvement but hopefully it improves more.
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