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More dungeons idea/suggestion


there's so many lower lvl dungeons that are pretty damn great. Why not make them for lvl65? Maybe as solo or party, but as part of daily quests or something.

This way people get a whole lot more dungeons to choose from, instead of running the same 3-4 every day.

And I think it would be very easy to adjust monsters health to match lvl65, right?

Also maybe give some rewards for doing the full dungeon instead of using the shortcuts.


  • AngelishAngelish ✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    Good news, they are turning some of the lower level dungeons into level 65 solo ones, such as GL and AH.
  • This game doesn't need more dungeons, it needs alternative content aside from dungeons..
  • i think their first priority should be to optimize Tera... many players have problem enjoying the game because of FPS
  • they used to have "Blast from the past" a 65 could Q for any dungeon and if you got in your gear (not crystals) was equalized. I LOVED it.
    You could help guildies level and got extra rewards too.
  • msoltysplmsoltyspl ✭✭✭
    We've had quite a few nice dungeons, unfortunately BHS main approach to updating/fixing/expanding/improving/etc. is:

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