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Failed 50 Times to get Golden Shark

I bought the popori lures and I keep failing to catch the fish. Anyone else having this issue? Any tips? It is frustrating to keep failing over and over again.


  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    You need to become Artisan to get the dish that reduces the difficulty by 30% otherwise is just impossible to get
  • Thank you very much it helped a lot!
  • Notepad806Notepad806 ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    I haven't tried the Golden Shark yet but I've caught multiple Queen Salmon, Fairy Snakeheads, and Giant Blues (probably 15 BAF in total) using the EMP bait. I failed the first two times I tried to reel one in but then got the hang of it and haven't failed a single one since those first two attempts. Some players must be really good at it because the rate of people catching them on KT server shortly after patch was impressive.

    My only suggestion is to be patient and do your best to not press F too long to overshoot the box because if you do, you have to wait for the reel to unravel back to the box and that usually wastes a lot of time. While the fish is not pulling, you need to be reeling in along with the box consistently to make a bit of progress each time before the fishie pulls hard on you.

    Or wait until there's a script for it! JK JK pliss don't ban!!1! <3<3
  • Notepad806 wrote: »
    Queen Salmon

    Where can I fish them?

  • Cutechan wrote: »

    Where can I fish them?

    Each fishing spot has their own type of BAF. Queen Salmon are found in Celsian Lake (the one near Bleakrock village).
  • It's not impossible to get. I got serval golden sharks with a tier 2 rod and popo bait. You don't need any dish.
  • well im guess im need food from cooking artisan

    im lost 3 Queen Salomon for quest :'(
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