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Is crafting profitable?

With the price of the craftings kits, do you actually get anything out of crafting darics and plates now? From my math it seems like you're only saving yourself a small amount of gold somewhere between 50-80g each but if you factor in the use of crafters cures that's nothing?

Anyone really knowledgeable about this?


  • Not really. If anything, you will lose money.
  • ^ True that
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    Crafting is profitable if you don't buy crafter cures or use the free untradeable ones from pvp tokens and dungeon delver coins. I only buy crafter cures when I plan to use what I craft on myself.
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    Crafting it is very profitable but it all depends what it is crafted ( the new crafting food buff helps a lot ).

    Angle Whiskers used to make a ton of gold at the start even when buying materials from the broker and still does but the profit is lower now ( i know someone from discord that made at least 1mil profit from buying materials/cures from broker and crafting whiskers to sell until now ).

    Foods needed for the fishing quests also make profit..

    The new Ingots/Silex needed to craft the whiskers or gathering tools also make profit..

    The Gold/Silver Plates went down because of the gift boxes rewards but still make profit at least from crits..

    The Emerald into Diamonds using the new reagent V used to make profit until the price went down..


    Whatever is in great demand makes profit.
  • Crafting profit no longer worth it.
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    Technically, you earn some profit. I did this for Silver plates cost:

    Crafter cure: (Counting the crafter's cure price at 2k)
    1000pp = 2000g
    Production points cost:
    20pp = 40g
    80pp = 160g

    Other mats cost:
    Silver Talent = 65g
    Artisan Refining Kit = 1,07g
    x60 = 64,2g
    x40 = 256,8g
    Silver siglo

    x5 Silver talent + x60 ARK + x20pp
    65g + 64,2g + 40g = 169,2g / 3 = 56,4

    Silver Siglo = 56,4g each
    Silver plate

    x5 Silver siglo + x240 ARK + x80pp
    282g + 256,8g + 160g = 698,8 / 3 = 232,94g

    Silver plate: 232,94g each
    Forgot to mention, this does not count the crits.
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