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Wintera Events: Guildsmas – screenshot time! [Update Dec 17]



  • HanuishiHanuishi ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Happy Holidays!

    Server: Kaiator
    Guild: Eggnog
    Players: Smoothie and Cake

    Just going to pop my Alt Chars here so that I don't flood with several posts. :)
    Server: Kaiator
    Guild: Eggnog
    Player: Sweetheart

    Server: Kaiator
    Guild: Eggnog
    Players: Trisu and Tiramisu
  • Can we please get some more information about this contest? As others has stated, how many winners will there be, and will they all get the footsteps prize or something else? Do you have to stay in that guild on that character to receive the prize? Are you only allowed to have 5 members of guild and only one screenshot or are you allowed to have multiple groups of 5 in different screenshots? Does your guild name & name have to be showing?
    Would really appreciate some more details on this contest please!
  • enthusiasticenthusiastic ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Server: Velika
    Guild: Snuggly
    Players: Mango, Vanilla

    Happy holidays! Wishing for a white christmas this year? Let's hope Santa will bring it. :3 Like mine~
  • Happy Holidays to everyone! Pictured from Velika server are Midnight.Angel and Midnight.Blood from Serial Killers Guild.

  • yes i too would like to know whats going on? like, is it just the best pic wins? im so confused on this event... D:
  • 9YGKaI1.jpg
    Server: Velika
    Guild: U w U
    Members (left to right): Whiiz, Paya, Siret, Cute, Bobby.Bandz

    Happy Holidays!
  • SikiuSikiu
    edited December 2018
    Server: Velika
    Guild: Marca De La Muerte
    Members from left to right: Zeroi, Bloody.Mery, Sikiu, Matta.Hari, Foxiness
    Happy Holidays!
  • DorothyIDorothyI
    edited December 2018
    From the first post, it seems as though everyone that participates will be rewarded. I think the requirements are Christmas themed, same guild, and up to 5 people. Just give them time as people have until the 22nd to participate. They probably sent the first batch out and just haven't had time to send out more.

    BTW, if we need to make our screenshot more Christmassy, please let me know. We're happy to retake the shot if needed. We just saw the blue trees and really liked the color.
  • christmas.jpg


    >>>> Left for different guild pfft (but really wanted to be in picture) Duress
    edited December 2018
    Server: Velika
    Guild: Definitive
    <3 Happy Holidays from Sin and Priest <3
  • TERA_ScreenShot_20181216_184247_zpswh87fup2.png
    Server: Velika
    Guild: Starscape


    Photo Bomb:

    Happy Holidays from Starscape!~ :)
  • DesuBeanDesuBean ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018

    Server: Kaiator
    Guild: Amaterasu

    The Bahaar Crew with their ornaments (50 clears):
    Aralisa (Ying.)
    Rapopo (Mr. "I have a Santa hat, that's more than enough.")
    Central (The Christmas Tree.)
    iLLL (Also known as Barcode.)
    Krei (1000 diamonds, but still claims to be broke.)
  • @RenniBee @Gingerlover @D9MPY4GAFR @metagame @Vy1Vivi @KXRC9JMW74 @seraphinush

    I've updated the post to hopefully answer all of your questions!

    Let me know if you have any others and Happy Holidays! I appreciate your questions :3
  • U6Xk62C.png
    Server: Velika
    Guild: Mana
    Mendy (left)
    Dae.Immortal (middle)
    Star.Fragment (right)

    Happy Holidays :smile:
    p.s. Mana is recruiting /w Dae.
  • TERA_ScreenShot_20181217_172045.png

    Merry Guildsmas from Anime!

    Server: Kaiator Guild: Anime
    Members: Mamuru, Pavi, Technicolorize, Wtm.Social.Security, Zarnya
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