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Success rate of the enchant scroll from the last event

During that time I was still in frostmetal so I saved all the stormcry scroll. Now I am in stormcry and when I tried to enchant using the scrolls I got shocked by how different the success rate was between the frostmetal scrolls and the stormcry scrolls. For frostmetal, I got 1 success every 2 attempts in average. For stormcry, I got only 1 success after using all my 12 scrolls. So is it how it is supposed to be? Stormcries +5 or higher are bound to be lowed to +5 if using the polished up or power up scrolls.

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  • TJKatTJKat ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    I had about a 30%-35% success rate with frostmetal scrolls. Stormcry was, I think, about 10%, give or take. So, yeah, 1 out of 12 sounds about right.


  • SirachaNinjaSirachaNinja ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    i failed all 40+ sc scrolls = 100% fail for me

    i had over 40+ sc scroll because i bought the rare boxes for 7k each x54 = 378k gold spent, i do not do dgs for the boxes
  • i failed all 40+ sc scrolls = 100% fail for me

    You were lucky in the sense that 40+ out of 50+ scrolls were for stormcry lol
  • I failed all of mine too. Lost count of how many I used. So yeah, the success rate for storm cry was a joke.
  • 3 alts get from guardian to +6 weapon frosmetal
    no complaints ( only extreme low enchant in sc )
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