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Lag everywhere

Today we expect 5 hours of maintenance to stay with lag? Seriously ... what do you guys want to do with this game? We are already with few players and now with these absurd peaks of lag, this is basically impossible to play. Do not come to say that it is my operator, because several companies from different countries have no problem in their connections (I say this based on the opinion of friends who live in different countries and regions) and this problem is occurring ONLY in TERA, in any other title this is NORMAL. Please fix your server once and for all, even more with this event to come, because the way this one will not be able to enjoy with or without an event.

sorry for English


  • can confirm. its [filtered] laggy
  • can confirm too. Its awful
  • ping is horrible on my end too
  • its unplayeable.
  • yeah, the dismantling menu is ridiculously laggy as well... x.x
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    FWIW, it looks like this is another Zayo routing issue. One hop in particular seems to be dropping lots of packets in France, but there are probably others. (Might it be that their infrastructure is being DDoSed?)

    As usual, it's possible that you might find a VPN that lets you get around it (if you live in the right areas, you're not impacted at the moment), but obviously that's not a real solution.

    (Edit: Looks like there might also be a second misbehaving Zayo node in Dallas.)
  • Same problem.. :'(
    What is happening with this game?
  • i have the same problem. it appeared today after maintenance. :#
  • SnowmapSnowmap
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    The lag/ping is ridiculous after the patch.
  • Vy1ViviVy1Vivi ✭✭✭
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    I just tried to do a dungeon and I was lagging so hard my DPS was utter garbage, and I play gunner. I can't be having 500 ping spikes in the middle of me DPS'ing; it totally trashes my damage. What the hell did you guys do? Just yesterday it was normal. Now after your unreasonably long 5 hour maintenance I have this to contend with.

    That's more than half the game for me right there if I can't do dungeons then there's no point. Pretty much unplayable right now. Fix it, please.
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    From what we found on Discord so far, there were at least four Zayo nodes that were misbehaving (probably more) in Paris, Dallas, Virginia, and San José. When you put these together, it accounts for a large percentage of the population. Some people have started to say that it's calmed down a bit for them now, though; see if it's better for you yet or not.

    Zayo strikes back...
  • 4000+ ping...very laggy
  • SnowmapSnowmap
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    Would really appreciated if they fix this lag before double drops event.
  • It's still so laggy :(
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    but im not getting any lag
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