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Wintera Events: Share your Fish Tails!

Have you been enjoying fishing in TERA? Take this oppor-tuna-ty to share a fin-tastic tail of your fishy journeys!

Give us a good story, and you'll be rewarded Cold Duck footsteps! Be krill-ative as you can!

Don't forget to share your character name and server so the footsteps go to the right person! One set of footsteps per character, so feel free to share more stories with different perspectives from different characters!

Starting today and ending January 4th at midnight.


  • notDrenotDre
    edited December 2018
    To be sung to the tune of "Under the Sea", The Little Mermaid © Walt Disney Music Company

    Kinda a story, but in song, hope this counts.

    The seaweed is always greener
    Over there in Seren's lake
    You dream about catching BAF
    But you can't afford popo bait
    Just look at the people around you
    Right here on the Tera shore
    So many people in HO surround you
    So why are you still in +4?
    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Anglers whiskers make it better
    Down where it's wetter
    Take it from me
    Up on the shore they fail all day
    Out in the sun they slave away
    While we devotin'
    Full time to gloatin'
    In the GC
    Down here we catch all the fish snappy,
    And we succeed all our enchant rolls
    The fish on the land ain't happy
    They sad 'cause they in their bowl
    But fish in the bowl is lucky
    They in for a worser fate
    One day when the boss needs stats
    Guess who's gon' level up their cooking trait?
    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Nobody beat us
    In CUV against us
    Or in BP
    When we on the land people look
    At our gear and their shook
    We got no troubles
    Life is the bubbles
    Under the sea (Under the sea)
    Under the sea (Under the sea)
    Since life is sweet here
    We got the best gear
    Naturally (Naturally)
    Even though nobody is online on Sunday
    They get the urge 'n' start to play
    We got to queue it
    You got to clear it
    Under the sea

    I forgot to say my IGN : Tatcha - Velika
  • ^ holy crap that deserves an extra reward
  • enthusiasticenthusiastic ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Open the bait, hook it on the fishing rod,fling it into the water, now wait till I get something...


    Hey look the fish got away try again next time.

    The end.
    -Velika , IGN: Caramel
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    It was a warm afternoon. Me and my best friend were bored and without much to do.
    That was until we heard a popori opened a fishery in Highwatch. We hurried to see what was it about.
    We thought it would be an interesting practice so we went with it.

    For the next few days we spent it all on fishing, comparing our catches and showing off our biggest catch to each other.
    We saw the potential of Fishing, we enjoyed it for the first couple of days.

    But we needed something, we needed something that would make us fish more.
    Thats when we came up with an idea. How about if we teach our guild master the secrets of fishing?
    She was having a hard time fishing, so we decided to help her a bit.

    Me: Hey! lets go fishing! you can do it this time! look at how many gold fishes i got!
    Friend: Yeah! look how many i got too! you just gotta GIT GUD!
    Guild master: I HATE YOU BOTH! Q-Q

    Since then, we proudly carry the guild logo of a golden fish! (until she decided to take it down XD)
  • EmberBecEmberBec Wonderland
    Here's a pretty long read on a story I wrote a bit ago.
    A fish who goes on to become one of the strongest creatures to ever appear in tera because of a clumsy idiot.

    It's pretty garbage if I say so myself, considering I wrote this without much effort and in a span of a few hours too. But hey, this satisfied my impulse on writing up a ridiculous fish story, so it counts for me. Have fun reading (or not) and praise the skywhale.

  • RenniBeeRenniBee ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    I would usually approach this from the character side, but since I see we also have the option of legitimately telling a story about something that happened to us while fishing, I'll go with that approach for now and might add another later on.

    As many of you know, I'm a crazy achievement (or "cheevo" as us in the community like to call it) hunter. I'd been trying my hardest to get champion laurel for ages and was within 300 points of it when the patch with fishing came out. I was ecstatic - this meant I didn't have to do the "Who's Your Daddy" 100 skeleton kills grind in HH - a big challenge because finding people who want to spend (or waste as some might say lol) their time doing that for hours with you is hard. Even if you bribe them. Sadface. Anyways, I got my beloved Champ laurel within 15 minutes of playing with the new patch. Needless to say I was happy... but was I satisfied? NOPE! Not until I got Every. Single. Last. Fishing. Cheevo.
    So I did a lot of active fishing and learned how to catch a baf properly and what to use to increase stats and fish chances, all the good fishing nawwwledge. Upgraded my rod to rod 4... and my eyes nearly bugged out when I saw I needed twelve THOUSAND angler tokens to upgrade to the next rod - which would allow me to catch higher grade fish and get their achievements.
    Here was my game plan: do the fishing story quest on every single alt, as a way to get angler tokens fast, considering they are given out in 20-40 ish quantities per quest for reward. I have 11 characters on my server Kaiator. I painstakingly worked my way through every character, being limited at first due to the quest in Pora Elinu where you have to turn in a fish crate - since you can only turn in 3 per day.
    Finally, I was on my last character, my new elin brawler: Angery. A fiesty little gremlin I made for the luls and also because hey the leveling rewards were good. Its my only elin character though, don't get the wrong idea. Anyways, I grabbed the old fishing rod and bait I and proceeded to Muricai Fishery, ready to catch a crawfish and continue on with my system.
    Except I didn't catch a crawfish.
    I caught a BAF. A BAF. With an old fishing rod... and the lowest tier of bait.
    I was shocked. Shook. But now, I can say without a doubt that I am a believer in RNG.

    Yeriss - Kaiator
  • edited December 2018
    Just a little more...

    Rest is necessary after battle. Though Leanders' fate after his failed summoning has yet to be seen, even Veliks Champion must rest, but not necessarily idle. They traveled through the dizzying pull of the scrolls' magic to where wind whistles through craggy peaks and bites sharper, colder, than the steel of a Junaldar blade. It's both beautiful and desolate here and the Baraka Skyroc provides all that's needed for the grind to begin. Like any craft in this accursed world you struggle, and rage, and refine the smallest possible detail. Much like the endless tide of battle your life has become.

    Da ist keine Welt über dir
    Da ist keine Welt unter dir
    Ist keine Welt vor dir
    Ist keine Welt hinter dir
    Keine Welt neben dir

    It's been some time now and your rod gleams as bright as the heroic metal sheathed at your back. Desperate, harrowed voices call to you from the shore now but they are carried away by the wind. It's howl carrying a soothing thrum, taking you dangerously far from where the cold can touch. The sluggish beat of your heart struggles beneath your breast and yet-- THERE! A flash of pale belly, streaks of pink and royal blue in the water. She is here! Her song ringing in your ears sharper than the clashing of steel, deeper than the cries of any of Vergos' children when you struck them down before their father.

    Just a little more...

    Lilandaria - Velika

  • One Fish, Two Fish,
    Clown Fish, No Big [filtered] Fish...
    By Bait V

    Xecx - Kaiator
  • There's no real economy in fishing. But that never stops ye who farms achievements. Mercy me please I don't wanna spend 10 years afk fishing to get all achievements once again in Exracurricular. Fishing is literally a gold sink with no return but I crave champion laurel on my three characters. So here I sit fishing on the holidays instead of drinking hot cocoa. The only thing that matter is a spicy champion laurel around my class icon. Thank you, Amen.

    Panty - Velika
  • v5Dtzig.jpg
    My fish story
  • kamizumakamizuma ✭✭✭✭
    in 2013 I afked at Zulfikar Fortress:


    in 2014 I afked at Velika Plaza of the Huntress:


    in 2015 I afked at my guild's skycastle:


    in 2016 I afked at Velika Plaza of the Huntress:


    in 2017 I afked at Velika Plaza of the Huntress:


    in 2018 I afked at the Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing Spot:


    in 2019 I will afk at the Seren's Lake Fishery:


    -Kamizuma (Kaiator Server)
  • EarsUpEarsUp ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Any1 know where i can catch a shiny Gyarados and ride on it to challenge the elite 4s?
    Expecting aqua mount and dungeon in 2k19 monkas.
    Give us [filtered] that we toss to catch monsters and make them fight each other, totally original idea btw.

    Ears.Up - Velika
  • AikiNoraAikiNora
    edited December 2018
    You know, I had to laugh a bit when fishing was announced for Terra. Not because I thought it was lame but because I knew it couldn't compete with another game I play, FFXIV, in terms of how in depth it would be. I was right to an extent. Though, this in no way is a bad thing. I rather like the system implemented here. It's fun and simple. :)

    During the Santa event I killed at least 4 Fat Santa's that spawned next to fishing area's. It's funny because everyone is AFK fishing and not paying a bit of attention to anything else! I got my footsteps off one of them. haha! I even got one of the Blue boxes not too far from a fishing area while gathering a few mats to craft a quest dish. :) All I got was dyads from it but I got my Footsteps later on from another box. :)

    Miss.Aiki - Velika
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    Adding this story, because it's really cold today, and my hubby made me watch ice fishing videos all day yesterday.

    On a cold, dark and stormy night, I was getting my tackle ready for a long day of fishing. I had worked long and hard on my precious Ash Sapling Rod. It was a shiny, red rod that glistened in the light. I knew choosing that rod was the right choice, because I had looked over its description and knew it was the rod for me. Carefully, I sorted my bait, but the purple angleworms kept crawling in with the gold ones. This upset me immensely. "These darn worms won't say put!" I shouted. I shook my head and tightly closed up my tackle box.

    That morning, I set out as soon as there was light. I wanted to be sure to get the best spot. There was fierce competition at the Celsian Lake Fishery, and I wanted to beat them all. I flew to Frost Reach on my Orville as fast as I could. The wind was extremely cold against my face, but I knew I had to be tough. Each time my Orville ran out of gas, I fought off the monsters until he was ready to go again. Some would say I should have used a teleport scroll, but that's not how us reapers do things. We don't take the easy way out. Instead, we take the long journey and fight our way through.

    As soon as I got there, I knew it was going to be a long day. I parked Orville and watched him intimidate the dragons. Oh, they were so afraid of him that they were shaking. He is a very wicked piggy. I got my tackle box ready and carefully picked a spot. I accidentally got too close to the edge and sunk into the cold lake. I knew I better be careful. I had no intentions of being sucked down into the lake as I have seen others. They were frozen so fast that they still held onto their fishing poles. Sometimes, it looked as though they were even still fishing. Sometimes, I wonder about the magic surrounding that lake.

    Hours passed, and I had a fair amount of fish, but it was taking a long time to catch them. I was using the best bait but couldn't understand why it was taking so long. Didn't my rod reduce the wait time? I was confused until I saw a group of elves pointing at me and laughing. One walked over to me and asked, "How do you like your rod?" "Made sure to pick the best one," I said. She chuckled and walked away. I knew something was amiss and had to solve the mystery, so I walked over to Pilano. "Doesn't my rod increase my chances of catching a BAF as well as lower the time?" I asked. He explained to me what had happened. I was extremely annoyed but kept the rod anyway. I knew it was my lucky rod, and no one would tear us apart.

    I began fishing again with a determination like no other. I took out my whiskers and ate my salad. Those elves weren't going to show me up. I ate salad until I felt bloated and could not eat another bite. The whisker itched, but there was no way I was gonna scratch. It was game on, and I was going to catch a BAF and prove those elves wrong. I cast my beautiful red rod into the icy cold lake. The rod matched my hair, and that was all the proof I needed to know this rod was meant for me. After a few minutes, I felt a rush of strength. I was powerful and almighty as I saw that Golden Carp swim by. I was going to get that fish even if I had to dive in after it. I cast my rod as far as I could and waited. He looked into my eyes, and I stared him down. "You better take my bait," I growled. It seemed as though he could hear me, because he looked at me like we were about to duel. Suddenly, he bit down on my hook, and I jerked that bright, red rod as hard as I could. "Got him!" I yelled. "Not quite yet," smirked an elf.

    I knew this was the most important fight of my life. He twisted and jerked as though he was trying to pull me in. I stood firm and let him have him last dance in the lake. Swimming back and forth he tired himself out, and I knew it was my turn. My pointer finger was ready and waiting. I hit the F as just the right time to reel him in. By the time it was over, my finger was sore as could be. The elves behind me all stared. They knew they had witnessed the fiercest battle they had ever seen. I grabbed up the carp and the rest of my supplies. It was time for me to head home and cook up that bad boy. The gold left him a bit chewy, but it was the best meal I had ever had.

    The end.

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