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Wintera Events: Share your Fish Tails!



  • It was an unseasonably warm but beautiful morning in late December as I grabbed my Xermetal fishing rod and tackle box ready for a good day of fishing. I loaded up my gear on my wolf mount and set out on my way from my cottage on the outskirts of Ostagarth down to the docks of Cutthroat Harbour. On my way I couldn't help but think of the day before and the one that got away and knowing today was my day. Once I got to the harbour I picked up some fresh bait from the tackle shop, 2 dozen popo baits of course, the only choice for the serious fisherman. I found a nice secluded spot on the beach southwest of the docks, baited my hook and toss it in. 2 minutes later I was hooked up with a BAF, he was peeling line on his first run and just about spooked once he took a break that's when the real battle began. It was an intense game of back and forth that seem to last an eternity or at least 35 seconds. When I saw the large golden sail in the shallows and then finally on the beach I was the victor of the day and overcame my adversary of the day before. Needless to say me and the guild ate very good that night, nothing beats fresh golden sailfish.

    IGN: Nikky
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am now more intrigued as to why @kamizuma has all 120 inventory slots, while the vast majority of us still have 104
  • Zoknahal wrote: »
    I am now more intrigued as to why @kamizuma has all 120 inventory slots, while the vast majority of us still have 104

    Cash shop inventory expansions can go up to 120 slots as opposed to the regular limit.
  • kamizumakamizuma ✭✭✭✭
    Zoknahal wrote: »
    I am now more intrigued as to why @kamizuma has all 120 inventory slots, while the vast majority of us still have 104

    inventory expansion
  • k3C69Oh.pngi was only 46 years old
    i loved Tera so much, i had founder account, the popo bait and the p2w gear
    i pray to my Elin every night before bed, thanking her for the life ive been given
    "Elins are love" i say; "Elins are life"
    My dad hears me and call me a weebo
    i know he was jealous of my devotion for Elins
    i called him a biggot
    He slaps me and sends me back to my basement
    I'm crying now, and my face hurts
    i lay in bed and its really cold
    Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
    Is a Elin
    I am so happy
    She whispers into my ear "You are my BAF now"

    She grabs my xermetal ore rod IX with her powerful elin hands
    and my eyes start to water
    i try to catch a queen salmon,
    and i can feel it
    i push against her force
    my dad walks in
    My elin looks him straight in the eyes and says: "Server Disconnected.
    Check your internet connection if the error persists"
    She leaves through my basement door
    Elins are love. Elins are life.

  • When fishing came out I wanted to try it out! One day I saw a fish. But it wasn't any normal fish. It was a big [filtered] fish. I wanted go catch that fish as it was my first time fishing in general. I bought a fishing pole and bait to try and catch the big [filtered] fish. I fished for the fish every few game ticks trying to get it. Eventually i got a bite. It was the big fish on my lure. But I didn't know how to catch the big fish so it sadly got away. I got the saddened by it and kept trying to get it back. My friend caught a big fish soon after and told me how to catch them! So I tried again, I fished for the big [filtered] fish. Soon enough, I got the fish on my lure again. This time I caught the big fish! Soon enough, I taught others how to catch big [filtered] fishes and started to enjoy fishing as a favorite past time. Thanks to my guild for helping me get a simple base for this story as i didn't know where to start uwu just trying to get footsteps if possible for a friend of mine :<
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    The one that almost got away

    It was a cold December morning when I set out to catch the big one. I was no master fisherman, in fact, I found myself getting tangled up in my own fishing line more often than not. As I glanced out across the water, staring at the falls of Pora Elinu a feeling came over me. Today, was the day. I'd finally have some luck I was certain of it. After all, I was an Elin. Perhaps clumsier than others, making for a lousy ninja but today none of that mattered. I had Lady Tanly's determination on my side and the tears of my enemies held tight.

    As I peered out at the water, my pink bangs falling into my eyes and my bunny ears twitching eagerly I saw it. There, swimming past me was the big one. The most beautiful fish I had ever seen, with its iridescent scales glistening in the light. Truly, a masterpiece if ever my eyes had seen one. As I looked around I saw many skilled fishermen and women around me. My heart sank, there was no way I'd ever catch the elusive Fairy Snakehead. Still, I had to try.

    As I sat myself down in a patch of tall grass, snuggling up to a tree stump I got to work. First, I needed my popo bait, I felt almost guilty for using such tactics but what choice did I have. The elders said it was almost guaranteed to lure in the Big ones so I had to try. As I worked on getting my pole ready I said a small prayer to give me courage. As I saw those around me happily eating their Fish Salad I sighed, unable to afford such luxury. I just shrugged and cast my line.

    As I sat fishing, catching one clownfish after another I felt my determination fading. Clownfish, funny. It must be because I'm one giant joke, I could almost hear the elves and castanic's laughing at me. The other Elins simply sighing as they pointed and whispered. I was about to pack up and leave when I felt it. The firm strong pulling against my fishing line. My eyes lit up in hope as I saw I had indeed hooked the Fairy Snakehead. I saw the line traveling across the water as the BAF tugged and pulled. At points, the BAF had nearly jerked my entire body into the water but I didn't give up. Even when it looked bleak, the fish nearly getting away. I mustered up all the strength I had in my small Elin body and gave one final hard yank, the large BAF flying out of the water and landing at my side. I had done it, I had caught the one that almost got away.

    IGN: Pink.Kitten.Liam
    Server: Velika

  • Oh, I got a fisherman's tale to tell.

    I am a Baraka. Used to squat in Allemantheia when our people got separated from our homeland by the Great Storm of Northern Arun. When I was in Allemantheia, I got tired of listening to those High Elves boasting about their capital city, being built high on top of an oasis, floating and glistening over it. So I immediately volunteered when the Valkyon Federation was mustering for an expedition, to break through the Great Storm. I was there when we were finally reunited with our homeland. And they don't call the Baraka's capital city, Highwatch, for no reason. Those long-eared can't brag about their tall towers anymore.

    After the expedition, I spend my days in Highwatch by meditating. Just like the rest of our stony and monkish brethren. I spent a lot of time near the Highwatch's pond. Its funny how one could find some trash on the shallow bottom of that pond. Not that we Baraka have much things to throw away anyway. Its usually just papers and books. Just the other day, I found a volume of 'The World's Greatest Joke'. And a letter by an unknown writer, talking about the only reason why Elleon is so passionate about sword swashbuckling, is because he's actually bad at math. Hah! That letter must be written by Jelena. That sassy lass. Only she would've written such a thing. If I'm not a stony monk-like person, I would've definitely tried my luck with that broad.

    At any case, what truly caught my eyes was another piece of paper. A Fishing License. Curious how I found it there, for there is no fishery anywhere in Northern Arun. But I do know there is a Popori fisherman in Highwatch, that goes by the name of Waining. I asked him about it, and he told me that the Valkyon Federation is promoting fishing among the Vanguards. Supplies for the front lines, something like that. Army marches with their stomach, so they say. The Fishing License must have been dropped by one of them rookie Vanguards. Bored of meditating, I decided to join this new adventure. I mean, its not that different from meditating, really. Except I'll be earning some rewards. Stone man gotta pay bills too, you know.

    So I followed Waining's instructions, and was taken among the fisheries that are available within the Valkyon's territory. I finally decided to settle down near the Lake of Tears fishery. It's near Pora Elinu, capital city of the Elinkind. Fishing while looking at those cute girls swinging their tails around would surely gives me some tingling sensation in my two rocks, I mean, helps with my meditation. Its not a bad choice, if I say so myself.

    As expected, when you are a veteran and member of Valkyon's Vanguard, there're bound to be a quest or two just for you. In my case, a Popori named Paparong asked for my help. At first, he asked for Fish Fritter. Then he asked if I could catch some Freshwater Eels. He told me that his old bones is too much to go fishing by himself. I helped him, because I'm a good Valkyon citizen and a honorable Vanguard member. And of course, I like the reward too. But then, he upped the level of his request. Apparently he had been bragging to his kids about how he been catching those fishes by himself. He went as far as telling his kids that he can catch the legendary fish in that lake. A Big-Asz Fish, called the Fairy Snakehead.

    I took up the quest because the reward is good. But the Fairy Snakehead is a legendary fish for many reasons. Its hard to find, and even harder to catch. After trying so hard and exhausted all of energy alone, I decided to get a help. I noticed that most fishermen are Popori. It must be some sort of innate ability that my people does not posses. So I called on my Popori friend, Fois Gra. I offered to split the reward, and the Popori agreed. Two is better than one. And we would be working together again, just like the old times, when we were both active in the Vanguard's war against the Archdevan.

    For days, we hunted this elusive creature. We used high tier fishing rod, high quality bait, even wearing Angler's Whisker to improve our chances. But that Big-Asz Fish was just not biting. Fois Gra was about to lose it. He said, "I'm tired of eating Fish Salad all day everyday. Maybe we should just call it quit. Cut our losses." But I looked at Fois Gra, and I can see that the fishes somewhat gathered near his fishing spot. I've caught more fishes when he is around me than when I'm alone. Though catching more fishes is not our goal, its the Big-Asz Fish that we after! There must be something that we missed here.

    "We used the most fresh and high quality baits. We had caught practically all kind of fish in this lake. Maybe the legendary fish is just that. Legend. It doesn't exist." Said Fois Gra. "I'm sorry, friend. Maybe Paparong was just pulling your legs. He is a Popori, you know." Fois Gra stood up and prepared to call it for the day. I was in a deep thought, and faintly remembered that Popori used to have a secret role back during the times of Valkyon's expedition. A desperate situation require a desperate measure. Suddenly I felt like I have pieced the puzzle together. "Perhaps what we need is a fresher, and higher quality bait." I said. "Oh, you have an idea?" Fois Gra asked. I smiled at him and sagely replied, "Indeed I do."

    The very next day, I delivered the Fairy Snakehead to Paparong. He was extremely surprised to see the legendary, elusive, Big-Asz Fish, with his own two eyes. He probably never had in his wildest dream to be able to lay hand on such exotic creature. As I received my reward, I said to Paparong, "I know why you like to boast about your fishing skills, but afraid to go near the waters." Paparong looked at me, attempting to hide his emotion. "I don't know what you are talking about." And we both departed on our own way as our business was concluded.

    I took on another quest. This time its at Seren's Lake fishery. An Elin asked for an Octopus Garden Salad. Which led me to a Lake Fairy with a sweet tooth, asking help to deal with a terrorizing tentacled monster, a Golden Octopus. Its another Big-Asz Fish, so I sent out a message to all of my Popori friends. Louise Keethan and Bradmane replied back to my message, ready to help a friend, they said. For a suitable cut from the reward, of course. I responded back to their message, with a smiley emoji, and told them that I will give them the biggest cut they'll ever get in their life. Of that, I did not lie.

    As I waited for their arrival, I remembered fondly when I was back at the Muricai Fishery. A Castanic sorcerer I met there, greeted me and said, "Popori is more than just friend, they are fisherman's best friend." I thought she was just a crazy sorcerer. Who knew it were actually words of wisdom. For a Baraka like me, this journey of mine have been fruitful, and enlightening indeed.

    Server : Velika
    IGN : Gigamo
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    We were laying on the beach just getting a tan. The day was sunny and warm. It was the perfect day to burn. We had lathered on the sunscreen and managed to get it on everything we touched. Relaxing and baking the day away, we smelled something tasty. "What smells so delicious?" my friend said. We looked around for the source and saw some fisherpopos grilling up some tasty fish. We hadn't eaten for hours and were desperate for food. Not thinking the situation out clearly I asked, "Should we go catch some fish?" "Sure," she replied. At the time, it seemed like a great idea.

    We packed up our beach gear and headed for the fishing area. No one else was around as they had all been drawn to the wonderful smell. There were poles and bait just sitting there for us to use. Since we weren't going to keep anything, we helped ourselves. I mean what good is a fishing rod if it's just sitting there? We grabbed the rods and bait and went over to a quiet area where no one could see us. It was nice and secluded.

    Having watched other people fish, I knew exactly what to do. The bait was tough to hook as I still had lotion on my hands. That oily stuff is tough to get off. Eventually, I got the bait on the hook, and it was time to cast. I gave the pole to my friend and told her what to do. "Just push in that button, bring the rod back and release the button as you whip out the rod," I said. It was tough for her to get and good grip on the pole, because she still had lotion on her hands to. She did as I described and pushed in the button. However, when she whipped the rod out, it slipped out of her hands and fell right into the water. It was kind of funny, so we laughed. Since there were more rods sitting about, she helped herself to another rod. I baited that one, but this time, she managed to cast it out without slipping.

    The lotion was starting to wear off of my hands, so I could hold on better. I baited my rod and cast pretty far. There we were with our lines in the water; waiting to catch dinner. There wasn't much else to do besides look at everything going on around us. My friend noticed some salad in one of the tackle boxes, so we helped ourselves to that. It wasn't much, but at least we were no longer starving. We waited around for another minute or two, but didn't get a bite. "I better change our bait," I said. Inside the tackle box was a tub of bait with "special" written on the top of the container. I thought that would be the best bait to use, and there was a lot, so the owner wouldn't miss any. The bait was a bit creepy looking, but I put in on our hooks, and we put both lines right back into the water.

    After a few minutes, my friend noticed what appeared to be a golden fin sticking out of the water. She asked, "What is that?" "I think it's a Golden Sailfish," I replied. Suddenly, my friend flew off of the dock. Instantly, I knew the fish had taken her bait. I reeled my line in, so nothing would tangle up in it. I could see the fish pulling her around like she was water skiing. "Hang on!" I yelled out to her. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Luckily, the lotion had worn off her hands enough that she was able to get a firm grip on that rod. I watched until I could no longer see her. It dragged her out to sea. After I thought my friend was gone, I cried so hard.

    Well, that was yesterday. The owners of the fishing gear saw me yelling to my friend. Apparently, the rods we used were tier 8 and very expensive. The one my friend dropped into the water was ruined, so that is on the list of stuff to pay back. The salads along with the fancy popo bait were expensive to. The fisherpopos were extremely mad that we helped ourselves to their stuff. I guess everything we used was way about our level of fishing.

    My friend? Yeah, she's fine. The sailfish pulled her out to sea, but the sunscreen she used was so foul that the fish pushed her back to shore. They didn't want her to contaminate the water anymore. Once she saw how mad everyone was, she wished the sailfish would have pulled her to another island or some place far away. Now, we have to farm gold to payback the damages and do some Community Service. They need someone to clean the beach, so I guess we'll be picking up our old sunscreen bottles and things like that.

    The End


    (Thanks so much for this event along with the screenshot event for the footsteps. This has all been pretty fun. The hunts didn't go as planned, but it was still really nice to be able to get some free footsteps and extra gold from Vanguards. I've been able to buy so much for my alts, and they are such a happy family. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.)
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    There once was a fisher named Boat
    who had a panda to keep them a float
    she wishied and wishied to catcha da fishies
    so they fished for hours together at Cutthroat

  • PeePee ✭✭
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    According to all known laws
    of physics,

    there is no way an Elin
    should be able to fish.

    Its hands are too big to get
    its little fishing rod into the water

    The Elin, of course, fishes anyway.

    because Elins don't care
    what high elves think is impossible.

    Crayfish, carp, crayfish, carp
    Crayfish, carp, crayfish, carp..

    Ooh, crucian carp!
    Let's shake it up a little.

    Cooking! Breakfast is ready!


    Hang on a second.


    - Cooking?
    - Anchor?

    - Can you believe this is happening?
    - I can't. I'll pick you up.

    Looking sharp.

    Use the stairs. Your popori
    paid good money for those.

    Sorry. I'm excited.

    Here's the Fishing Association Honorable Member.
    We're very proud of you, Cooking.

    A perfect fish, all BAF's.


  • It was a nice and sunny day, perfect to go out and finish with a few dungeons but my body felt a bit lazy so I got ready to fish, after having been almost 2 hours trying to get something good ...

    A peak lucky streak to my fishing rod, bringing with me 4 big-[filtered] fishies and after that I was able to prepare my favorite comfortable to be able to go out and do those dungeons that I wanted so much since the morning.

    After a long day I decided to fish again while talking with my guild members so that at the end of a single short talk, more than 20 members of my guild ended up fishing with me which was quite ... unforgettable.

    Lulabye - Velika
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    “How many fillets do you have to eat
    Before you make your skin turn pink
    Eat too much and you'll get sick
    Fillets are pretty rich!”

  • One day i woke up and walked over to my new PC and was excited to play Tera with awesome graphics. After looking at how beautiful the game is, i decided to try out some fishing for the first time. It was fun i got a few fish and started getting the better rods and even poked some santas that were nearby in the face to try and strike a jackpot. Turns out i got a hidden weapon sheith and i was super happy :3 ! Then after that THE MOST AMAIZING THING HAPPENED, my friend gifted me the snowbelle outfit that i reallllly wanted and i was emitting happiness and joy that went for miles. So yeah that really made my christmas feel even more special and i hope everyones was as special as mine was. Thank you Tera/EN MASSE for being such and awesome game/Team of developers. Wish you guys the best of luck! :3

    Server-(Velika) Character-(Vanilla.Nee.San)
  • DXMDXM ✭✭
    It was time to wind down after a long day of dungeoning and searching for yellow dots on the radar. I was behind the curve on fishing and cooking. Having nothing more than <Bait I> and <Fairywing Rod II>, no food, fancy bait, or whiskers to make experience easier, I went home to fish in the lake.

    Having failed to catch the Fairy Snakehead multiple times on previous days I had low expectations about my ability to catch this BAF. Just enjoying the experience I feel a harder tug than usual. It is the Fairy Snakehead again ready to give me another crushing defeat.

    I try harder than ever. Through multiple resets, time running down I know this is my last chance. With one final pull, the Fairy Snakehead is mine. With renewed faith I set out on a collecting journey.

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