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Wintera Events: Share your Fish Tails!



  • DXMDXM ✭✭
    After days of collecting and synthesizing materials I have amassed enough materials to have made 8x <Angler's Whiskers I>. As usual none have crit, but that's okay it's time to combine them to upgrade so I can wait less and auto fish more.

    With one final prayer to RNGesus that my crafting is solid enough so I am not part of the small percent that has defective, non upgrading whiskers, I start the process. After 7 successes without any failures I stand back and admire the <Angler's Whiskers IV>.

    I set out for Bastion. I get there and fatigued from the events that transpired that day get out my <Bait II> and <Fairywing Rod III> and fall asleep while fishing. I wake up with bucket-loads of fish, enough to make fish dishes for days!

  • >be me mid/low Stormcry Priest
    >never enter a dungeon, too scared
    >etching designs I spent time learning have become useless
    >fishing arrives
    >mfw rod is bankable
    >discover renewed sense of purpose
    >spend countless hours fishing in Bastion
    >learn "all" the designs
    >catch many BAF

    I am happier than ever that I and the others that don't dungeon all the time now have something useful to do. Maybe one day I will learn how to dungeon as a Priest, but for now I am focused on upgrading Angler's Whiskers and the 3 different rods. May there be many BAF for all \o/

  • In the cup full of matcha milk Boba the elin floats on some whipped cream. She casts a line into the mysterious waters and catches a wonderful baby popo! Now Boba and her new friend can live happily ever after in their Matcha Milk bubble tea.
  • Thanks to everyone that participated in this event!

    Everyone should have received their Cold Duck footsteps - if you didn't please make sure to check your inbox, I've inquired to folks that either have missing info or maybe changed character names. If you're missing your footsteps, make sure to ask your friend that made the post, as that's my point of contact.

    Thanks again, you're lovely!
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