gifting either EMP or a mount to a friend for his birthday

hello everyone , i have a tera PS4 account in France (tera is available in that store)
however my friend doesn't have tera on his region ( Turkey ) but since he has another European account he just got it their and downloaded + played it on his Turkish account ... the problem is that he cant purchase EMP and he only has a Turkish credit card . and it fells awkward for me to use fabulous premium things while he is stuck with the default mount . so since his birthday is coming I want to surprise him with a mount ( I can access to his account at any time since he trusts me)
so please if anyone knows a way or something . I would be really grateful .


  • You might want to consider adding the EMP to your own Console Account ( if your friend made their character on the same PS4 Server as you ) , and then use the EMP to buy a few things your friend might like, and then send all of those gifts through Parcel Mail along with a Birthday Message.
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