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The training room is all I want. But when?


I mean, Tera is a 6 year old game and when I first started to play it a couple of months ago, I was surprised there's no such a thing. The training room should've been implemented at the very beginning, which was 6 years ago...


  • KetothKetoth ✭✭✭✭
    Next `Patch, that will be most likely be either on january 15 or 17
  • Ketoth wrote: »
    Next `Patch, that will be most likely be either on january 15 or 17

    Will the temporary removal of harrowhold and dreadspire also happen in that patch? Where did you hear about these from by the way? They are not mentioned in the roadmap for pc.
  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yuxz, Korean Tera gets everything we get 4-6 months prior. We already know when things are coming. In addition EU Tera puts out fairly in depth patch notes usually a week to two weeks prior to ours.

    I wouldn't really go by the NA roadmap as something set in stone. Read the Ktera patch notes to get accurate information.

    This is a good resource by our own @Seraphinush: https://seraphinush-gaming.tumblr.com/
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