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Wintera Events: Guildsmas – screenshot time! [Update Dec 17]



  • unknown_1.png


    Winie & Miinzy (BFF <3)
  • Fat Santa

    Server: Velika
    Guild: None, Moe Inc
    Players: Zyndarielia, Finyt
  • Brand new backpack...

    Server: Velika
    Guild: Moe Inc
    Players: Kalamity
  • edited December 2018

    Server: Kaiator


    Sorry for the late submission. Our friend was in the hospital, so we decide to wait until he got home today to take the screenshot together. I sincerely apologize and hope you can accept this submission.

    Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas everyone.
    Sorry no pic. I'm on the adult side of the party...
  • Thanks to everyone that participated in this event!

    Everyone should have received their Cold Duck footsteps - if you didn't please make sure to check your inbox, I've inquired to folks that either have missing info or maybe changed character names. If you're missing your footsteps, make sure to ask your friend that made the post, as that's my point of contact.

    Thanks again, you're lovely!
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