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Loot desparity

Since the dungeon reward nerf I can't afford to play dungeons anymore...

Pit of Petrax : 600g+ for 1Minute
GL arial + GL (first rewards) : 2000g for 3mins
GL Box farming blue bosses : 300g+ per minute
412s : 400ish gold for 5min
431s: 700g for 15mins
439s: 1500g for 20mins

What gives?


  • Gear costs Gold, the higher your gear level the more gold you are going to earn from Dungeons. It may not seem fair, but unfortunately that's the way it is.
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    Dungeons arent the only income source there is.

    Crafting and pvp exist. Crafting being a bigger money maker.

    gaurdian legion literal waste of time, you can make more money spamming battlegrounds while having unique interactions facing different players. instead of just doing a basic pve rotation 200 times to make barely 10k in gems. i haven't touched guardian missions yet and i'm almost full HO from scratch

    use the money you have to invest in crafting and multiply your gold very easily, gold and silver darics/plates are obvious but there are other things to craft that sell really well.

    446 and above are more rewarding. you shouldnt be doing lower iLvl dungeons if you can do high ones. unless 3 reason, 1.) bored af. 2.)helping friends or noobs. 3.)achivements

    other than that the gold rewards for the dungeons are for people who are that item level. A 446 or above doing 431s complaining about lack of rewards imo is probably someone who needs a dunce cap a nd to be sat in a corner
  • I have no compunction about running 446 or 439 dungeons while gearing just so I can dismantle the materials to easily get elemental essence from the meta shop. I personally have not had great success in battle grounds being rewarding enough for the time spent. I will do guardian legion missions to replenish my gems while queuing for dungeons.

    Yeah there are definitely better things than plates/darics/siglos that sell well.
  • You guys are missing the point of my post. I am saying compared to most solo activites Dungeons (Of any level) don't compete with PoP, GL for resources gained per time spent. My point is that nerfing Dungeons on gold gain was stupid and makes them not worth doing.

    I have 13 SC+ characters most at 450 ilvl (+4-7 weapons)
  • Dungeons are there for more than just gold. I agree that the 439 and 446 dungeons are fairly lackluster at the moment (slightly being addressed through gearing cost reductions coming with the next patch on the 15th, hopefully). That being said, 453+ dungeons are respectfully profitable. GLSH has a decent vanguard (about 4.5k gold) and drops diamonds/emeralds at a fairly decent rate. GLSH only takes about 15-20 min with a decent party, so it's fairly efficient as well.

    Still wish there were more Golden and especially Silver Talent sources though...
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