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Tera 7 year anniversary Ideas

Hello Everyone. As many of you know Tera is turning 7 so whip out those party favors and cake it's time to party for the entire month of May.

@SingleBear had asked me on the EME Discord to make a topic and list a few suggestions for the big Anniversary, and of course, the idea here is to get other players feedback.

My main goal is to try and make this years Anniversary fun and entertaining, last years event's were good but also kind of fizzled out.

Dungeons and you:
Enhanced Drop rate for GG and Pit every weekend.
Each weekend will have One select Dungeon from each Item level. Increased Gold, Item drops, and Dungeon delver coins from these along with Anniversary coins.
Vanguard Goldfinger tokens. ( This was done a while back and gave even new players a chance to get good inners)
Double Vanguard Rewards.
Ultra Hyper Turbo Time Every weekend.

Anniversary Coins and you:
Monster Spawns with a chance to drop Talents, Coins, Plates, etc. ( Please have a higher Spawn rate than last year.)
Tera Letters event. Spell T-E-R-A to exchange for Coins.
Coin shop Item Ideas- Return of the fire and Ice footsteps ( God I love those footsteps) , Return of the Unity Stole, Return of the 6th year scarf, Return of the 5th year wings.

B.A.M and Boss Event:
We all missed this event last year. The absolute Chaos of spawning random Boss's in the open world and having us battle it out for Loot. I really hope this can return again this year. Prizes could be Talents and Gold finger tokens along with Dragon Claws.

Cosmetics and you:

Like I had stated, I would love to see the return of the Ice and fire footsteps but perhaps we could also get the Sky lanterns as well. I have seen them on EU and they are pretty cool, it'd be kind of fun to see people lighting them off in groups around Highwatch and Velika.

That's all my idea's for the moment. Feel free to add your own.


  • Special items for those who play tera from beta ...
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    I really don't want to see the T E R A letter event again. That was frustrating. I'd much prefer there be more direct ways of getting anniversary tokens if they decide to add those this year. Even with an increased spawn rate it sounds painful. But adding 5th year wings, 6th year scarf, footsteps, and unity stole sure would be nice. I doubt they'd add perm versions of the footsteps into token shop though, those footsteps made them quite a bit of money in shop. If they skipped letter stuff and made every dungeon give anniversary tokens as a once daily additional reward, it'd encourage people to play on their alts and it'd be less painful to get than letter drops. Or add tokens to dungeon drop loot, or jackpot reward. T E R A letters encouraged people to just sit on iod all day to farm letters. That wasn't fun and it wasn't a good way to get people together to celebrate this game.

    Love the goldfinger token idea. I wish we had more ways to get them on a regular basis though.

    Some personal opinions on what they could add to anniversary token shop if they decide to bring it back: the new 7th anniversary costume (duh), those lucky puppy footsteps, experience scrolls (lvl 70 will be out in our region by then). and dyeable rogues garb/blackguards leathers (these were only available like ONCE through a strongbox jackpot yrs ago if i recall).

    And since lvl 70 patch will be out by the time anniversary rolls around, the dungeon entry system would be updated by then with adventure tokens. I think a good way to encourage people to play would be to give out adventure coin refills for accumulated play time or dungeon clears.
  • Fix the game. Oh god, its unplayable and cant tolerate it anymore! So many disconnects, the ping skyrocketed. Righ now, I was kicked several times while im running on a dungeon.
    The game was better when it had not merged yet. What happen to Tera this days... I miss old tera.

    I dont think we need to see those stuff again, however i enjoy finding mongo box in open world like 2017; by far the best anniversary of the game.
    -Nut Hatch Weapons is legacy! This is mandatory to return.
    I dont like footsteps, many players have turned off this option.
    I have a wish when i was a noob in the game, travel to a skycastle. I know, its old and useless, but i prefer exploring world instead grinding or do runs on dungeons. I guess we all are spoiled from doing same content every day...
    Can u make open world pvp too meanwhile we are hunting box?
  • A monster spawn event that actually spawns monsters, monsters that actually drop stuff, stuff we want.
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    mongos like the first time they existed = actual good rewards

    also month long x2 drop for all dungeons and 2x vg. with gghilie on weekends or something.

    a anni token shop with costumes/mounts/crit power mounts/valueable items in it. anni tokens should come from dungeon/pvp bgs/mongos/daily logion/log in event.

    bam spawn events that give parcel for hitting the boss are nice(because laggy dog game) but past bam events had sucky rewards

    mongos need to come back, prices were so nice when mongos first happened. talents cost way to much compared to literally every other region, because other regions have ways to get them that arent so limited. month long mongo event that give talents would be a decent band aid fix

    none of the past anniversary items should be made available. ruins their exclusiveness

    I also believe none of this is possible with our current tera team. I have no hope for them. Everyone knows the reason
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    my ideas:

    - Blue box Hunt: This was well received by everyone when it started. It got took down because of a minority of players using 3rd party programs to locate the boxes wherever they were spawning, and get there first than the rest, etc etc, you guys know the drama. My logic: WHO CARES? We all who wanted to enjoy a good blue box event, were punished because of a minority that decided to be bernscripters.

    - Mongos: Spacecats biggest accomplishment, and everyone loved it. Make them return, and this time, no BS of extremely low spawn rate.

    - Kyras Potion Shack: We missed it for Halloween. You can actually combine it like last time with the blue box or even the mongos, to give more options to get catalysts, and separate the catalyst rewards by enchanting materials and cosmetics.

    - Actual GMs spawning Bam Piñatas around the world in a regular basis in every time zone.

    - Double Gathering speed/rewards: When this was first introduced, it was actually pretty good. I would like to see it come back, now that we have new gathering and fishing too.

    - Triple Drop in dungeons

    - All PvP matches will come with extra rewards.

    - Give power to some of the players to be community event organizers. We the players know what is going on in the game, so we know what we would like to see as rewards from community events.

    - Personal Preference: Bring back the 99 cent sale (was it 99 cents?) or just make 1 digit sales, like, dollar or 5 dollars, for items in the shop, it would be a huge hit.

    - Anniversary token shop sould include actually good items, and some exclusives. and the token reward from events should be generous, not like, 1 or 2 tokens per task.

    - Return of the Dracoloth Sovereign Invasions: Hardly anyone remembers them, but about 3-4 years ago, we used to have regular invasions of Dracoloth Sovereigns, spawned by GMs that logged in regulary. To adjust the rewards, they should all drop massive amounts of gold and silver talents.
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    Ray676 wrote: »

    I also believe none of this is possible with our current tera team. I have no hope for them. Everyone knows the reason

    unfortunately ^^^^^ this I believe will be what happens
  • BBGunBBGun ✭✭
    Although I don't see it happening nor have hope for it, I'd like to see more/other account bound mounts in the store. I could care less about the crit stat, just want other varieties. I'm still using my welfare tulpar >.<

    Anniversary scarf, steps, wings etc. would be nice.

    Some sort of fishing related event???

    Maybe old dungeons? I did like Wonderholme and Kezzel's Gorge, something about a bunch of tiny ppl chasing and hacking at Kezzel's heels is kinda amusing to see.

    Nexus or Nexus 2.0 for another blast in the past would be nice and cool to see.

    The pinata thing sounds fun, I never done it before, makes me think of a giant bam a la Kezzel walking from one end of the map to the other.
  • I dont wanna see Ultra Hyper Turbo Time Every weekend, or Blue box spawn, or permanent mob spawns.

    They lag the server or are easily exploited. I rather if you are gonna spawn bams or mobs to be like the halloween event where it would run for 2 or 3 hours at a time at 2 diferent times of the day so everyone can participate and it doesn't lag half the people all weekend. We all know servers can't handle permanent spawn events, so just dont have them anymore.

    I also dont wanna see tera spelling to get coins to get something, is teddious like someone already mentioned. Is better to have the coins for rewards drop in decent amounts from dungeon clear or per boss and in pvp as well so everyone is happy.

    I like most of the other ideas, anything that grants permanent cosmetics or enchanting supplies, or extra dungeon drops make people happy.
  • DokibunDokibun ✭✭✭✭
    I really want the footsteps: flowers. theres currently no way to get them and i'd be willing to grind out tokens to get them.
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    Prizes could be Talents and Gold finger tokens along with Dragon Claws.

    we need fun, no more "mats" we can get already easy in the game

    this is a major event, no "fodder" event to add another tab in my bank with ee and nocteriums elixirs

    gave us fun
  • -MONGOS!
    -Remember Unity Stole , fire and ice footstep
    -Anniversary tokens with weapons skins like shadowlaced and nut hatch and some costumes watered, elin kitty, rose petal etc..
    -Bring back WONDERHOLME
    -7th Anniversary Scarf?
  • WeridWerid ✭✭
    Kyras and mongos and triple gillieglade drop?
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    I don't think bringing back all of the old stuff is really the way to go here. The last thing we need is more purple scarves all over. Also, I don't think the Unity Stole was just an anniversary prize was it?

    Last year was a blast, and it was great having the items NOT TRADABLE! I loved that EME was able to increase the spawn rate without anyone exploiting anything or crashing the market. The santas and blue box event at the end of last year were simply mean spirited and could have been so much better with untradable items and a higher spawn rate. I didn't even find an area where they were spawning until the last day or two of the event even though I had spent hours searching. I didn't not find even one beetle with their tiny spot on the compass. It was all just so not cool.

    They just had a blue box event, so having another one would be silly. Killing enormous guys last year was really cool, because they were so hard to miss, and it was so wonderful for new players to. I don't care if you bring back the old footsteps or whatever, but please, enough with the purple or whatever color you're thinking of for this year scarves. Oh, and a flying mount that is not tradable would be sweet to.
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