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New to console tera ps4 NA

Hello! New player here šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m taking a break from end game elder scrolls online and really enjoying tera. I recently got my gunner to level 65 but not sure what to do now šŸ˜…

Is crafting something I should pick up?
Is there a quest or dungeon I should be doing?
It seems a lot of the tera videos online are a bit old but if someone could let me know if the information provided is still relevant and not outdated that would be great!



  • Awesome! Good talk šŸ˜
  • SarumoninSarumonin āœ­āœ­āœ­
    Hey there!

    ā€¢ Crafting, depends on you. You have Weapon, Armor and Alchemy for crafting - as well as Etching. You can only Master one of them per character.

    ā€¢ The main story quests are Red, the dungeons for your level will be available in the Vanguard Request section.

    ā€¢ Yes, I think the information is still relevant. There are loads of brand new videos from last year, specifically for TERA Console on YouTube that should help you out.

    For more information on TERA Console, as a quick-start guide, I suggest checking out this page:

    I hope this helps!
  • @Pauliooo - Like @Sarumonin already said, go check out that video, and it is up to you if you want to take up crafting, or not. Personally, gathering and crafting are two of my favorite things about Tera, especially after a long, stressful day at work, when it is one of those days that I just want to relax and forget about all of my responsibilities. If you haven't done any crafting yet, then the best way to try it out is to go to Kaiator and do the etching quest. You get a couple of small rewards for doing it. If you go to Kaiator, to the "Chamber of Artisans", then go into the workshop for Etching and Alchemy, you will find Kundra who has a side quest (yellow exclamation point) called "Etching to Get Started". See her and she will instruct you on how to do Etchings. This will show you what to do with scarabs, and teach you the basics of crafting, including refining and then creating a product. WARNING: Once you max the Basic level (500), you will be given the option to take a test to become an Artisan. As Sarumonin said above, each character can be an Artisan in only ONE craft (Weapons, Armor, Alchemy, OR Etching), so of course that character can also only advance to Master level in only ONE craft. Use the quest to learn the basics of crafting, then you decide if you want to level up in Etching, or if you want to stop leveling up Etching, without taking the Artisan test, so you can start with another craft, in order to become an Artisan and Master in that other craft. If you do not take the Artisan test for the etching quest, then any time you max out any of the other crafts for the Basic level (500), you will be given the option to test for that craft, to become an Artisan (then later a Master, if you max out Artisan). Each character can be level 500 Basic in all four crafts, but an Artisan/Master in only ONE craft. You can always access your crafting menu for reference, by going into your main "Character" menu and selecting "Crafting".
  • crafting is pointless in this game, unless you are doing alchemy, heck crafting was pointless pretty much from when the game was created.
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