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Cutting Edge Title

I have achieved a cutting edge title on my Valkyrie and now I got a post message that it has been removed. All my group, who helped me lvl up are furious, as we had to spend all day doing that. We have planned that for months. So I have a question, why the hell it has been taken from me? I am a leader of the most powerful Guild on our Server, and did a lot for the game, and this is my reward? I assume we will have to stop all BG runs and probably stop playing the whole Guild. Hopefully u will be able to solve that issue ASAP, as this title was promised at the launch event.


  • Omg how can they say it was never intended? It was posted that the event would be running, the event ran when it was planned and the titles given, how can they justify backtracking and removing after the time and effort put in by all involved. Something not right there
  • what is going on enmasse? To hear that makes me angry.
    It is unfair to those who have made so much effort. The title came with all classes, so why not with the valkyre? That has no sense and is just a stupid decision.
  • Honestly wtf. I was part of the group that helped him get cutting edge and then he gets a message saying it was removed because 'it was not intended to be there'? People worked hard for it so what is the problem letting them keep it?
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    Valks never had that title on PC, did they ever announce it that it's going to happen on console?
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    I had it in realease. And no news we are not going to. All other classes have as well
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    Players try hard to get title and after all hard work they do you guys removing achiv Title for Valkyrie this is bad !!! So take off this title from all Classes or give it to guys who deserve it and try hard to get it !!! My friend ask me why ppl lieve Tera ? Becouse of this kind of setuation aswell !!! BTW Valkyries on PC they had that Title u want proof check youtube and by the way way it was given 1st ? so Title exist so if Title Exist should be given make sance???
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    You both type like bots, jesus lol
    Seems you are correct though, pc had those titles and titles given to everyone that leveled in 24 hours. No idea how eme came up with the idea to remove the title from people that got it, that's just disgusting lol
  • Not all ppl are good English though, and it is just blowing the trust!
  • Hey, u may remember me as a winner of screenshot contest at early Tera Console. I have participated in lvling events from the start, and helped several players to get cutting edge title. I have also helped my friend and GM of my Guild to get that title for his Valk. And now you claim that it was not intended, although we did input a lot of effort in planning and getting this title. I find it completely unfair and agree that this is unacceptable.
  • Hello! I am agree with topic starter as I have the cutting edge title on my ninja, and find it unfair, that it could that easily be taken, from someone, who actually deserved it, and I am afraid it can also happen to myself. This just undermines the trust that has just recently started to develop, and makes a lot of players to think if they want to continue with Tera.
  • Ahahaahah o my god cry for remove title?rly? Buy hand and skill...this is important no stupid title
  • This is what my part of the job. Their part is to fulfill their responsibilities. That was completed fairly through lvlvnig up, not by using scroll so I demand it back! That is fair.
  • I have submitted support ticket and their answer was similar to the one I received in-game, that it was not intended to be. If it is not intentend you should notify prior to, not just taking it afterwords. This is against the law , I believe. So I will not make ppl to boycott the game, but also will talk to my lawyer. Please privide your company registration information in UK.
  • Idk what the problem is and why did you do this cuz I don't don't think it's normal that all the other classes were planned to have the cutting edge event and valkyrie does not. Btw you should have announce that before Valkyrie release. If you did it now that means someone told you to do so. I'm very very disappointed...
  • The situation would be different if there had been an issue and it hadn't worked. However, it did. The first Valkyrie to reach 65 got the title. There was no reason to take it away. It doesn't break anything or harm the game in any way.

    People are getting tired of you not keeping your promises. I would like to remind everybody of our promised level 4 etching for logging in during Christmas. A lot of people went through some trouble to log in during the holidays despite family commitments and travel to ensure this reward just to then find out that they wouldn't get it. It made more than one person on my friends list stop the game. A much better solution if you can tell who logged in every day would have been to just give the etching to all who logged in on the 25th.

    Now the reason I bring this up is that what you did with the Valkyrie was even worse. It's as if you had given the etching to everybody and then taken it away because it wasn't intended. In my opinion you just feel that it is alright to take away the title because it's just affecting one player on each server not taking into account that they might be some of your most loyal players who are what is keeping this game alive.

    It wasn't intended is not a valid reason. The title is available for all other classes. It works and was given to the correct player. Please reconsider your decision to remove the title from players who worked hard for it.
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