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Group duels

Hi again,
So I am planning to organize a tournament on our Akasha (PS4 EU PvP) server, and was looking for info on group duels. As I know it is possible to make, so I wanted to ask if this is planned to appear in our version of game? Mainly interested in 3v3 and 5v5. I assume that would encourage ppl to join, I will arrange prizes and rules myself with the help of my guild, so just waiting for this feature of group duels to pop up.



  • Any updates?
  • Are you by-chance referring to the "Deathmatch" system that is on the PC version?

    "Deathmatches are team battles that can be held anywhere. They do not have the area or zone restrictions that PKs have. Select Deathmatch from the Social menu and organize a custom Team vs Team battle, inviting your friends and/or your enemies. You can even put your money where your mouth is and bet gold and items while battling 10 versus 10"

    If you are, I don't believe the Deathmatch system has been added for Console. I remember asking about it pretty early on, but never received confirmation that the system was going to be added.
  • Maybe you can ask again? That would be useful for us to train and generating events.
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