[edited] [Battleground] "Could be better"

Well well well, enmasse I never expect anything from you but even so you manage to disappoint me.

in the last update that was in tera we all well know that there were great changes and more than everything focused on [PvP]. Added a new GEAR system (Only for BG) which can be improved with materials that you collect from the battleground, a new map was also added among many other changes but what is more important to note is that the system was removed crystals for your set, apex was added to the battleground and mainly the most crap of the update is the modification to the damage of all the classes in PVP ...

Which was a [edited] the same classes always remain broken Brawlers, Valkyria, reaper and now with apex even more in my case that I am main ninja before the update I could get good games with skill you know, combos know dodge between other things but now that the ninja nerfed in such a disgusting way, if before the update did not hurt almost I had to perform a full skills combo now it is much worse I can not even get down to half a life a brawler or lancer with a full combo of apex or they get cured in the middle of the combo and they end up killing you with a bang ... Another thing like is it possible that a healer can do more damage than a ninja and also heal enough life at the same time? is a [filtered] [filtered] is quite unbalanced the pvp as I said no touched the brawler is still [filtered], the valkyria is still the same [filtered] broken and now with apex is worse, and finally and what [filtered] me off a [filtered] healer can be make the game alone, it just heals a [filtered] and now it does a lot of damage ...

Thanks for reading this but to the chile I am so pissed that I take time to write my disgust c: ...

Translate by google traductor [filtered]!!!

---- ESPAÑOL ----

en la última actualización que hubo en tera todos bien sabemos que hubo grandes cambios y mas que todo enfocado al [PvP]. Se agrego un nuevo sistema de GEAR (Solamente para BG) el cual puedes ir mejorando con materiales que recolectas de los battleground, un nuevo mapa tambien se añadio entre otros muchos cambios pero lo que mas cabe resaltar es que se elimino el sistema cristales para tu set, se agrego apex a los battleground y principalmente lo mas mierda de la actualizacion es la modificacion al daño de todas las clases en PVP...

El cual fue una [cambiado] las mismas clases de siempre siguen estando rotas Brawlers, Valkyria, reaper y ahora con apex aun mucho mas en mi caso que soy main ninja antes de la actualizacion me podia sacar buenas partidas con habilidad sabes, combos saber esquivar entre otras cosas pero ahora que nerfearon la ninja de una manera tan asquerosa, si antes de la actualizacion no hacia casi daño me tocaba realizar un combo de full skills ahora es mucho peor no logro ni siquiera bajar hasta la mitad de vida un brawler o lancer con un full combo de apex o se curan a mitad del combo y terminan matandote de un golpe... Otra cosa como es posible que un healer pueda hacer mas daño que una ninja y tambien curar bastante vida a la vez ? es una [cambiado] esta bastante desiquilibrado el pvp como ya dije no tocaron la brawler sigue igual de mierda, la valkyria sigue siendo la misma mierda rota y ahora con apex es peor, y por ultimo y lo que mas me cabrea un puto healer se puede hacer la partida solo, simplemente se cura un chingo y ahora hace bastante daño...

Gracias por leer esto pero al chile estoy tan emperrado que saco tiempo para escribir mi disgusto :v.

Lo unico que hacia divertido el juego para muchos y en mi caso tambien lo vienen a cagar.

Traducido con el google traductor al chile me da hueva ponerme a pensar en ingles....


  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    1.) valks aren't op anymore, they've been nerfed several times and now they at the bottom of the dumpster
    2.)ninja got their perma stagger removed for obvious reason, because it's overpowered. Other than that your class didnt get any nerf note worthy.
    3.) if you are getting SOLO'D by a healer you just suck at pvp, which brings me to number 4 reason
    4.) git good noob
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Maybe you should fix first both of your English and Spanish grammar.
    edited January 17
    Do you know how much pressure there is on the single healer that has to take care of 6 raid members while being focused by the other 6 from the other team? And do you know how many times a healer gets kicked? it does not matter the gear/skill/ping or anything because the raid members expect to receive heals while ignoring completely the only healer that has to live through 3+ players that focus with stun/stagger/knockdown.... And also.. you did not give me rebuff while you were dying? Kick...

    I actually saw a frostmetal ninja that got two shot complaining about the healer and initializing a kick for a healer with mostly +3 impregnable.. Then the healer was kicked.

    It is even worse that there is a cooldown to requeue so practically the healer has to stay outside and wait to be able to requeue again..

    p.s. ninja is the easy way..
  • uninstall .
  • You are doing something wrong. Ninja seems pretty good atm.

    And people need to realize that if you are using old gear in pvp, your going to do no damage, and will instantly die.
  • Vy1ViviVy1Vivi ✭✭✭
    It just sounds like you're a crap ninja. I'm befuddled too - is this post just about the pvp revamp in general?

    If you're in any BG and you're getting solo'd by a healer you should probably just reroll. Considering in most instances healers are too busy trying to pick up after/babysit their teammates while getting dog-piled by the other team, I don't see how that is even possible for you to get into that kind of situation to be complaining about healers doing more damage than you, surviving, and simultaneously managing to heal others - especially considering heals have been nerfed in BGs.
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