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Changing TERA from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4



  • I agree with OP. TERA always had performance issues from the day the game was out on the other hand TERA consoles (PS4/XB1) suffer from these performance issues as well. GvGs, BGs or overpopulated areas in HW can cause severe lag. And it's something players have petitioned for such a long time and little has happened. Look at how PUBG runs and it's another game by BHS.
  • Cannot be possible or why you believe sims 2 sims 3 and sims 4 are totally different even if keep sharing the same idea over years.

    If they made a port is like made a game from zero,cause is more easy to create maps and 3d models for U4 and porting will be like creating a model from zero.
    They need to recoordinate textures. Change morphs, maps. Geometry issues. Bones. Etc.

    Will be like working and waste 3x more time. Than do Tera 2 from zero.
    To keep up with up conning games and make it interesting for more people to play Tera it's a must. UE4 will make a lot more new content possible.. I understand the coding isn't possible by BH but it would be awesome. The merges itself shows more and more players hop to diferent games so I really hope BH dosnt let Tera die.. recently Also Bless announced to pull the plug out on Korea servers... I love Tera And hope to enjoy it Manny years also from now on... UE4 is a must to compete performance wise
  • i also support this change :>
    its soooo funny as i just a randome video of Blade and soul pre UE4...
    The guy on the video was explaining some bugs we all familair off. Randome DCs, Bleuscreens, Frame drops, desync's and low player base on NA servers....

    After UE4 no complains and player base boomed and as of twitch, shows a few K viewers while Tera shows a few hundred...

    Happy days!!!

    can't we just try asking NCsoft to take over Tera from Bleuhole studios??
    think thats the easiest and most Real way to hope for than 'hoping' for BH to optimize there game, seeing how Tera PC had there optimization of BH, who 'cares' for there player from the past year
    PS. pre UE4 i ment the anouncements of getting updated to UE4... before i get flamed rofl
  • I support this #make-Tera-great-again!
  • Im sorry but where is @M6KPMHHLR3 comments y'all guys are quoting ?

    I dont see no post by him/her...

    Is this mod thread being censured or what ?
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