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Why would you remove world pvp from the game?

This might be shocking to some, but some of us actually enjoy the constant sense of danger that's present on open pvp servers. Why not just create pve servers for the people who don't appreciate that? It sickens me that so many mmos these days are ruining themselves in an attempt to cater to carebears.


  • agree.
    Why MT and FF still being called "PvP servers" if that does not exist anymore
  • ToxicDemiseToxicDemise ✭✭
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    Haven't you realized by now? Enmasse and BH always cater to the carebears.. They love them so much that they would even destroy their own game to appease the few that they are. Example 1) Making fraywind equalized and losing a huge population of PVP players as a result. Then when they realized it was a bad mistake they brought unequalized back but only at a certain ilvl. At THE EXPENSE of forcing equalized players to go against players with +9, heroic oath gear. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?
  • This has been happening since VM2 days, it is the death of MMOs. Developers don't understand that the thing that separates MMO's from other games is the ability to PvP. FPS games have had PvP since XBox 360, but outside of that, the only games that had online PvP were on the computer. The MMORPG has far better aesthetics than a FPS for most people and they allow for far more depth.

    Other types of games were born shortly after and expanded upon what MMO's and FPS had done right, (MOBAs, Battle Royales, Whatever Overwatch is) however MMO's stopped evolving and eventually started devolving.

    While other MMO's try to copy each other with the same game different art style, Tera had fixed the biggest issue plaguing the PvP in MMO's which was the combat system, and although it was showing some results the game had other issues that held it back, instead of fixing those issues it equalized PvP causing most of the PvP community to quit, and with that the game became dominated by PvE players, instead of trying to retrieve the PvP community it had lost, BHS decided it'd be better to keep the players they had happy, Dumb down the content for the worst players.

    Every MMO is doing it now though, and it's how they lose players to non MMOs. If you don't have PvPer's in your game then there is no reason to have over world PvP, it's just a nuisance for the PvE'rs.

    And to think Tera was so close to being on top, back then MMO and PvP sites were always ranking Tera high on MMO's to play, all it really needed was improved performance, Outlaw Penalties, and a fix to a few skills that went against the skill/intelligence factor of PvP.
  • This is related to having pvp and not having pvp. I never played tera. I have played neverwinter and pvp in the arena but don't like it. I have always picked pve because I like to be left alone.

    I never liked pvp, only because well I did.. When I was playing dransik classic.It did made me aware however from that game if you were just farming and a high level just comes over and starts killing you for the loot and other items.

    Same thing for tibia. Man that game was worst I couldn't even leveing at amera at all with out a high level just killing me. Although I did liked the part, at times I was making loot bags and a level 15 comes over and steals the loot and I kill that character. Then last a high level would come and just kill me as he was protected.

    But pvp world is needed like other games. Like world of warcraft I'm in a pvp game. Because i'm a human I kill orks :) so I expect the same in return.
  • Why cant do 1 PVE server and 1 PVP as before?
    Anyone signing on PVP know beforehand in what is entering.
    id always mention those OLD nice lv16-20 "Vanguard Outpost" pvp. Fun as hell! Yeah, there is always some kiddo breakin the fun coming with a full geared 60, but in most cases, that 40/60 minutes of nice, fun and "fair" low level pvp was so epic.
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    The worst in that all situation is the fact that Devs do not even care about PvP players. They've deleted 90% of our content, giving everything to PvE people. That's [filtered]. This game was once amazing, nowadays it is simply bad and boring. Why? Because 90% of the content is cut off... and 10% left is easied down to the ground. No point to play such a broken game anymore.
  • Thought I was the only one confused by this. I just returned to game yesterday hoping to find Open World PVP still a thing when to my dismay it's not available until I hit level 65 which is just [filtered]. Had issues with the PvP being on or off throughout the years since TERA went from P2P to F2P wherein either whoever was in charge of that area would turn off PVP ( Happened on MT server when some carebear got voted to rule lumbertown and he tripled the taxes in lumbertown but turned off Open World PvP ) Or the Devs would turn off Open World PvP ( when alliance patch first came out and all pvp was transferred to only there and the BGs for a short time. One of the best things about TERA was its PvP content and looking over your shoulder constantly never knowing who you were going to be attacked by. Hell now instead of me being able to kill the guy that's taking my mobs I have to change channels just to get quest updates. I started over a new toon to get in some lowbie pvp with other lowbies, if a high level jumped me so be it. That used to be how you got introduced to PvP on MT server was crossing the bridge in Lumbertown and getting one shotted by high levels, boohoo oh well move on and start killing any you see as you level up and have fun with it. I hope this isn't a permanent change to the game cause if it is, that's disappointing to say the least.
  • I mean they have a PvE Server option as well as a PvP server option. Why the hell would they listen to carebears that willingly create a character on the PvP Server!?
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    There is simply no reason for a PvP player to come back to this game. I used to love Tera, now it is simply a bad and dying game. To be truth I hope it dies fast, at least I won't be seeing it suffering by bad decissions made by its developer... once an amazing game, with a bright future... now a dying and abandoned child, crying in pain...
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    TrashHole & mEme*** R.I.P Tera
  • ChakNenseChakNense ✭✭
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    This game has become a mere junk game, due to its developers and subsidiaries! You should not have done what you did. If it were still in NCSoft's hands, it would not be so destroyed and ruined. And they are not ashamed of what they did to the game, the important thing is to sell clothes for Elins.
  • wasn't half of tera a safezone anyway, still tho seems pretty stupid to remove pvp from the pvp server.
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