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"You can't use the Instance Matching Function due to your status" lack of a party dungeon

There was 2 people in the party,. Which I was number 3. I get the 15min ban. Most of the time I get a party with out a healer and a tank. The last run was 2 archers, ninja, 2 valkyries..

I thought the dungeon system only works when 1 tank 1 healer then the rest dps. Or I might mistaking?


  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    In low level dungeons, if you say yes to the popup saying it has trouble finding people, it will disregard typical party set up. Saying No will make it try to find a normal set up but doesn't work all the time and still just put you in a group. Only 65 dungeons require a Tank/Healer for the dungeon to start via IM

    Also the drop-out penalty will always apply to anyone who leaves, regardless if it's full or not as long as the dungeon is incomplete, just use the disband button or get kicked to avoid it
  • A lot of people use LFG as a preference to instance matching, and that way they can go around the idea of having a healer and tank, and just have 4 DPS.
  • Thanjs. I just saw this. After I wrote the thread. I quickly realized. All dungeons should have a healer and a tank regardless.
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