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Glitch maps

There are to location that the map and mini map not working have anyone notice that or am I the only one or no one gives a hoot about this problem I know the game just come out but I said that during technical test and open beta did anyone cares if this not being fix I would pay monthly to dc universe online they can take my money not this game


  • i also have this problem on ps4. in the bottom right side of the map it wont load the map cursor, but only in non-city zones. like in chebika and tulufan i can see the cursor but as soon as I leave the city it disapears. and when heading from velika from the north you can see the cursor till you cross over the threshold to the outskirst of chebika.
  • *UPDATE*
    I can still see the cursor on the world map but only sometimes.
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    Its a a know issues listed in this thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/23771/known-issues-april-4th-2018#latest I hope this is one of the first things they address its hard to do story quests when you cant tell where you are lol. For the most part a TP to Velkia than back will fix it or a console restart normally fixes my issues for it. Try a MAC address Reset if this issues is still there. If none of this fix your issues search the quests on your laptop/phone/pc anything that can veiw youtube and use the video as a guide to get you around the maps where your marker isnt showing up. (takes longer but is a valid walk around right now).
  • What’s about ps4 problems
  • When will this highly irritating map bug get a patch!
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    There is a workaround to this bug.

    First off, realise its caused by buggy quest markers from the onscreen quest tracker.

    So, to workaround the problem, do this - whilst in the wider area map outside a village or town, with your player marker missing, but all quests marked in, go into the onscreen tracker by pressing the button with the two overlapping squares on it, then B. You will now be in the onscreen tracker, and can remove quests from it. Go ahead and remove all quests from it by pushing down on the right stick. They are still in your log, but are now removed from the active tracker. Once there are no quests in the tracker, move yourself back into the nearest town/village or city so that it changes the minimap to the local one, where your marker will re-appear.

    Go back outside of the village through a gate, dont use the teleport. If this has worked, your marker will show on the wider world map, if not, go back into the town or village and back out of the gate forcing the map to change until your marker re-appears. YOU MUST NOT HAVE ANY QUESTS IN YOUR TRACKER WHILST YOU ARE DOING THIS!!!

    Once your marker has re-appeared in the wider world map, you can go into your quest log and re-add the quests by pressing Y in the quest log. What you will notice is that the target marker of the buggy quests is now missing - this is the actual problem and we are waiting on a fix for it.
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