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Missing Tera Features.

Hello, I have a few questions for the team regarding features that the game is missing and if we'll see them in the future on console Tera.

1. Build Templates! Manual swapping of crystals/glyphs each time you want to PvE/PvP gets a bit tedious when you run both daily. Theres days that I duel players in PvE because i dont want to swap to PvP just to go back to PvE after a few fights (for example)

2. Marking System! To allow us to mark our Tanks/Healers and monster priority, this feature on PC alone helped the group know where our healer was at all times incase we needed to be cured or to spot them asap when they die in battle to pick them back up with a rapid res scroll. There have been many times where I'm running the boss in circles being the last one alive trying desperately to read the little text of players names on floors that merge them, wipe

3.Lastly, Raid Notice! a lot of players just don't read the chat, or don't see the messages/plans posted in dungeon/bg due to /area/s/guild chats being flooded, raid notice would greatly help spread information to the group of 20 in BG or to call out which dice to hit in DW for example. HH will be available soon and to communicate with everyone with how our chat system is now will be incredibly difficult, not everyone has microphones or voice chats because they are too shy, and something like HH will need a raid notice to keep everyone in line and updated/educated on mechs


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    4. Give us Premade 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and 8v8 (8v8 solo+PREMADE) for fraywind, half the points needed to win (gives teams a lot to strategize for )
    5. Subsidy for the UNNECESSARY AMOUNT OF LAG IN RALLY BAMS ( maybe give us two per day and the top 5 guilds in the first daily, (account wide) unable to obtain credit for the 2nd RALLY BAM.
    6. Up to date STATISTICS (Class Crit cap, Boss defence mods, calculations for our statistics. Even though we play an old version, doesn't mean we should be left in the dark about the entirety of our characters (unless you research for DAYS finding PDFS that are SOMEWHAT close to the patch
    7. A form of Guild VS Guild (corsairs stronghold) 6/8/12v12 (lower numbers, more strategy, less lag.)
    8. WORLD guild vs guild.
    Give us something PLEASE en masse,..

    you guys are seriously sucking the community dry and forcing the population to have drastic fluctuation causing people to leave in somewhat of a domino effect fashion. DONT COMPETE WITH OTHER GAMES JUST FIX YOUR OWN!!!!

    ps. 20 man raids are going to ruin pve. AI 10MAN gets so laggy with my xbox X + SSD due to memory loss.
  • 9. Add a DPS metter please !!
  • 10. Optimize your Rally BAMS or make them Guild Specific. The hoarding is insane.
  • Trade Option.... this should be here already
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