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Fraya's Fury very bugged (Xbox) [updated]

The first bug was "find and kill the children of Arachne". They didn't show up until i changed channels (took me over an hour to get that figured out).

Second bug (currently unfixable) in Fraya's Fury is "The new breed". Badoask does not appear in the arena of blood. I changed channels and got a dozen gorillas and something else to spawn. After killing them... Nothing. Changed channels... Nothing. This quest stops here. I cannot continue.

Badoask didn't spawn in the arena as the quest says. He was on a ledge outside of the arena.


  • What ledge exactly?
  • Yeah, the minimap *does* show he is on the outside upper ledge of the arena rather than in the middle. If you think that quest was badly demarcated/inaccurate, wait until some of the following quests immediately after that. There are multiple levels to the arenas area, and some mobs are in the underground caves and others on the upper ledges at the top.
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    If you need the location pinpointed, you can press your select button, then 'B' on Xbox or 'O' on PS4, and scroll through your quests. Then press 'X' or square to have it highlighted on the map in yellow
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