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question on characters

i used to have 3 characters on the game, but after i deleted one, the game tells me i cannot make a new one, why could this be?


  • After a certain level (I "think" level 40?), if you delete a character, then it is placed in a 24 hour "hold" status, before it is actually deleted, in case you change your mind and decide to keep it. If you deleted the character less than 24 hours ago, then I would recommend waiting a day, then try again to create a new character.
  • The timer is visible on the char selection page. So if you deleted one, that char should still be there, but 'greyed out' and with red text with the timer left before it's actually deleted. When you see the deleted char gone from the char selection page then it's ok to make a new one. It is a 24 hour delay, but this is how you can tell. It also allows people to undelete the char just incase they forgot something or changed their mind later.
  • This may have also occurred, if you had multiple characters on different Servers before the Console Server Merges took place.

    If you did not apply an Additional Character Slot Voucher on either Server, your initial character limitation would still be two characters per Server, and the Server Merge had placed all of your characters onto the same Server.
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