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potential new player

Hello, I currently am a Hardcore eq2 player. I've reached the time in the current expansion that I have nothing to do outside of raids. I was wondering if the classic server was on both console and pc? if not what server is most populated on pc? Is this game still producing new expansions and what not? I know its a lot of questions, but when I dedicate to a game I hit hard. I just want to make sure this game is worth it. I'm assuming there are guilds that compete to clear raids first and such, like most mmos?


  • AluhAluh ✭✭
    NA doesnt have a classic server, only Korea and EU , but those are event servers, meaning they will be gone when the event is over. I don't know about console, but on PC pretty much both servers have the same amount of players or close to it. The game is still updated , while it usually takes 2 to 3 months for us to get new updates from ktera. As of now, Tera doesn't have any relevant Raid Dungeons, outside of daily bosses raids(But you don't need a raid to do it at all, you can get up to 3rd place with only 5 people if you have nice gear).
  • XandervbXandervb ✭✭✭
    Tera is a decent choice for hardcore players. It does not have any raids (used to have a few in the past and these may eventually come back; Tera seems to have an fps issue with large groups of players). Instead it's focusing on 5 (or rarely 7) man dungeons with difficult boss mechanics that require reflex, cooperation or both. Leveling and gearing is pretty brainless but real endgame is challenging and very far from simple dps checks that many mmos offer.

    The only type of direct competition in PvE are leaderboards (clear dungeon as fast as possible to obtain reward by the end of season). There are raid bossess that spawn daily in open world (mentioned by an above post), but these are just braindead sponges and raid with highest DPS wins.

    If you want to play more than casually, look for a good guild when you reach endgame. Because of how demanding hardmodes are, this game is ruled by closed communities. Looking for Group is dead or elitist and Instance Matching System is filled with desperate morons who don't read guides and will die every 10 seconds.

    Note that this game is more grindy than ever before. If you start from scratch and don't pay2start it may take you at least a few weeks to reach any truly challenging content.
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