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Character customization, class, and costume questions

I want to make a clone of Fraya. I found a video that seems to do the best job that's possible. Question though, what class is Fraya, and what available class would suit her best, and to get her the right type of armors and costumes?

Also, in the snowy regions there are human female NPCs that have a warm looking brown/red jacket and pants for cold climates. Is there any way to get that outfit for player characters?


  • I think she is zerk, someone can correct me if I am wrong :)
    I would check the fashion coupon shop or market for something that looks close to what she wears.
  • Shes a berserker and her outfit with the fur black cost doesnt exist.
  • Thanks!

    New questions same topic!

    Creating a Baraka.
    1. Which is the most fun/best non-magic class for a Baraka? (I'm thinking of choosing Lancer.)
    2. There is a loading screen picture showing a Castanic girl using a magnifying glass looking at a Baraka. His back is turned to the viewer. I see his robe is from a magic class, but neither magic class or non-magic class have his head. Is that style of Baraka head available in game, NPC only, or just in that picture? It doesn't exist in the character creation options unfortunately. That's the head I want! : (

    I wish there was a way to mix faces with head types for Barakas. There's a face that's very lion-like. I'd like to use that head style but with a different face. I can't change the details enough.

    Also I wish there were some feminine fauxhawk pixie cuts available for Elins.
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