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Material Conversion List


I've asked the Darkan Community, and anyone outside of it to help with this list. The list will be updated as we see more values come to fruition. If you happen to convert an item that is not on this list, please comment below the exact item name and the number of Entropic Emblems it gives you.

I wanted to make this list, because there isn't one officially, and players need to have this information.

Ancient Wish - 100
Badge of Loyalty - 210
Blessed Enigmatic Scroll - 75
Chance Engine - 90
Common Enigmatic Scroll - 1
Depleted Herpvein Powder - 42
Depleted Lakan's Scale - 220
Depleted Masterwork Alkahest - 10
Depleted Ominous Ore - 14
Depleted Triumph Keybadge - 100
Depleted War Keybadge - 150
Earring Resizer - 2,200
Extensive Alkahest - 8
Friendly Semi-Enigmatic Scroll - 8
Goddess Gemstone - 4000
Goddess's Tear - 40
Lakan's Banner - 70
Master Enigmatic Scroll - 4
Master Enigmatic Scroll XI - 1
Necklace Resizer - 2,200
Noble Enigmatic Scroll - 4,000
Personal Extensive Alkahest - 3
Personal Rare Alkahest - 3
Premium Alkahest - 14
Quatrefoil Base - 8
Ring Resizer - 4,000
Ring Resizer (Dice Fragment Shop) - 800
Risk Amplifier - 300
Spellbind - 5
Spellbind XI - 1
Spellbind XII - 2
Spellcatch Bijou - 4
Talisman of Lakan - 350
Tier 11 Feedstock - 4
Tier 12 Feedstock - 8

Special Thanks to:

GuardianAngelGG, Dark__Shadow459, Panda, Mariym and The Darkan Community


  • edited April 2019
    Thank you. :)
  • Can you give some context for those of us not up on everything? What do the values on this list mean?
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    @FlopsyPrince the value is the Entropic Emblems it gives you when you dismantle said items.
  • Sarumonin wrote: »
    @FlopsyPrince the value is the Entropic Emblems it gives you when you dismantle said items.

    Thanks for the clarification.
  • Do I tell u the bug on how to make limitless new tokens, forgot their name, where the golden talent is? Nah, couldn’t be bothered. Btw, it’s good that you do stuff like convert rates, but as I see it, now this info is pointless. It would be useful only prior to the patch, but now it’s just useless:)
  • Idk about the master enigmatic scrolls, it didn’t convert mine just had “destroy” on the options? Trashed a LOT of those. It did however convert my collection of Master Enigmatic IX, X, XI’s though. Went through all my stuff, looking for the “no longer useable” text, quite a bit went bye-bye. Another funny thing is that Blessed Enigmatic scrolls are no longer useable, but are still being sold in the stores ‘Consumables’ tab :) Oops I guess.
  • @Sarumonin - I just dismantled a "Noble Enigmatic Scroll" and it was worth 4,000 Entropic Emblems. I don't think we had that on the list, yet.
  • oh thank you =)
  • RomZRomZ ✭✭
    Wonderful list!
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