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TERA: Reloaded Known Issues / Additional Changes



  • XKXKRJ3744 wrote: »
    This is on xbox one.I dont know if this was intentional or Not but the priest focus heal is just god awful right now. Trying to lock on to players takes longer than it should even when im up close directly pointing my cross aim it still takes forever to lock on. It will even sometimes here and there cancel the skill out and make me lock on all over again please fix this. It's really annoying at first i thought it was just me since bad connection can cause this but there's more priest out there having the same problem.

    So it wasn't only me, thank God >_>.

    I want to point out: Priest's purifying circle doesn't work anymore on RMNM first boss's jump stun. Neither does the Grab skill. Maybe it's a wanted thing, but just so you know...
    Also please resolve the 40k gold needed to upgrade Twistshard cause some of us can't go on with our characters due to this bug.
  • where are the accessory etchings how did vhnm vsnm and vhhm vshm just disappear then gold cost is insane for enchanting guardian legion is one ruby each box i know for fact double legion is 4 ruby each box please cobalt look at the master test it still has one crafting requirements instead updated and aritsan and master for talent is opposite
  • gufymike wrote: »
    Doing the Echos quest, when teleporting from Rimun to Halran, the game will crash.

    I play on Xbox One X. I did this quest with two characters this morning, with no trouble. I just now did it with a third character, just to test it, still with no problems. Which console do you play on? I am only asking because if you are on PS4 then this may be a console-specific issue, and it would help the programmers to identify the problem if they know it is an issue specific to one console.

    PS4 - I've done it 4 times on 4 chars, 4 crashes.
  • my chest and weapon prices for going to + 8 for weapon is 39k and armor is 20k to go to +7 and I will not let me resize my earing
  • I am just a bit curious as to whether or not en masse with refund the 40k gold for the glitch on weapons, because I attempted it and failed. Losing 40k gold that wasnt easy to get.
  • GetShaftedGetShafted ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Class changes I've found so far that weren't announced:

    Valk's bloodfolwer ability stun was reduced from 4 sec stun to a 3 sec stun.

    Warrior's traverse cut attack speed buff is now applied to nearby teammates while the warrior is in D stance.
  • ok is it me or am i nt getting item xp at all
  • GetShaftedGetShafted ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Valk backstab is no longer staggering during pvp. Description still States it staggers on successful hit
  • Fix focus heal priest,is hard play in this situation
  • the ashfury also has their footsteps removed.. now its just a small checkered white and blue square..

    i miss the little embers :'(
  • we also have this box in ghillieglade and it dosent do anything and i would like to know what i got lol

  • why item xp so low its crazy 44 is not good even for ts
  • KozyEmiKozyEmi ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Some items get buggy when you try to choose their enchant stats. The lvl 34 Aid's Reachers gloves and the Seat Kicker boots do this. You can't choose the level 6 enchant stats or it'll bounce you back to the 3 even after you already picked the 3. You can get around it by choosing the level 6 first but even after you do that you cant go back to the 6 once you go to the 3 or the 9. I saw a couple people complaining about this in global and one on discord earlier who had a piece they couldn't get working. I'm not sure if the workaround worked for them or not though :(

    I took a video showing this bug and how choosing 6 first will let you pick all the stats in case anyone else has trouble with this and needs the workaround. i don't know how many pieces of equipment it happens with. maybe its just equipment where the level 3 stat is the same as the level 6 stat choice? I dont know here's the video.

  • KozyEmiKozyEmi ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    The craftting is bugged. Head to 2 minutes and 46 seconds youll see it.

    It vauses the entire game to stall heavily, it happens to armor smith as well.

    This os extremely crippling and will NOT go past 3 crafted items.

    It also resets cursor position making it take even longer to craft the necessary items.

    I wonder if that freeze bug might be what's causing it to not count items made sometimes for the master and artisan tests. I saw this happen on weapon crafting and armor crafting when doing the tests. It would freeze up after every item I made and some of them didn't count for the test. I made 11 of one item when I needed to make 10 and got credit for 8 on my armor crafter :(

    I have a video of my weapon crafting character doing 35 of the ore refining tasks and 35 of the essence refining tasks for the artisan weaponcrafting test. It finished all 35 for both but only gave credit for 30 in the ore and 32 in the essence refining. The video is below showing that and showing freezes after every one made just not as bad of a freeze.

    I can usually make more than 3 before it stops completely but it seems random when I try it. Sometimes I can make only 2 or 3 other times I might be able to make 30 or more even before it stops by itself with lower level weaponcrafting. It always freezes after every single one though like your video showed and the number of items I can still make being displayed is off by 1 every time it stops. Those bugs were here before the revamp too and annoying if you're making several items and dont want to babysit it to make sure it doesn't stop. I don't see it happen on alchemy though.
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