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Artisan Alchemy Test

Hi guys,
so after the gear revamp on PS4 yesterday (02/April/19) there are some designs (daric, plate, emeralds, diamonds etc.) added which is needed to enchant the new gear. But crafting is the topic i ignored before ´(no needed to get me on ilvl440 before patch). So today i was trying to get my artisan skill on alchemy and to finish the test i have to craft some etchings.
-->but, to craft etchings i have to be artisan on etching first to learn the designs? hmm no problem i thought.
After filling up my exp. on basic etching( 500/500) there is no test available to select (i currently do my artisan test on alchemy). Some players said that i cant be artisan on both with 1 char.

Question: How do i finish my artisan alchemy test without be an artisan etching crafter first or where can i buy basic level etching desings to craft and finish my alchemy artisan test?

Thank u in advance!!

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    So for the alchemy test it should say something like you need armor wep on and etching stuff for the test. All it requires you to do is craft different runes in alchemy. On the right side of the screen you'll see a description of the crafted rune and it'll say various equipment- etching
    various weapon- weapon
    various armor- armor
    That's all you need there. As for the other question yes only 1 crafting can got into artisan and master on one character unless you reset it but theres not really a point unless your feat hunting.


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