Tera Store Crafting Bundles

I come from pc eu region an at our store was crafting bundle in the store so what you guys think about crafting bundles for etchings and brooches. I mean i play in the day not so long to do all vanguard quest bams etc. Thats why the crafting bundles will be rly nice for player they got not much time every day , you can support enmasse a little bit with the buy from that bundles and get enough thinks to craft brooches and etchings.
If you dont know what i mean i will post a link to that bundles what you can get in there i think it will be a good consumable for the tera store.


What you guys think about it , and sry for my rly bad english ^^


  • T5GA9WFXT9T5GA9WFXT9 Highwatch ✭✭
    Jeah but is a good thing for people just to reach the brooch who dont play 24/7 .
    I mean solo with 2 characters you need offer 200 days to get a brooch . Its just a time save .
  • T5GA9WFXT9T5GA9WFXT9 Highwatch ✭✭
    That post can be closed
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