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Tera console QoL requests

Pc has dual spec options on their gear for a small fee in gold - i request this feature for consoles

Pc has the craftimg revamp long before Herioc Oath - i request the crafting revamp be considered for console as well.

Pc has civil unrest for pvp server to help generate gold - i request either to give console CU or merge the pvpless pvp server with pve for better community and population

PC has the crab traning dummy - i request this for console as well

PC has glyph pages to quickly switch between glyph set ups - i request this for console as well

PC has a superior version of Island of Dawn with better ruby generating methods from Caimen boxes/keys and faster BAM kills due to buffs from crystals that may spawn a caimen - i request this feature

PC has Better guardian legion rewards and point structure system at current console healers struggle dramatically to gain boxes unless they do them solo and spec for power and dps - i request better point gains for our healers who self sacrifice in GL missions

Pc has access to superior guardian legion missions which give far superior rewards - i request the same missions with the same good rewards

I request the Rally World Boss timers be returned back to their normal times instead of spawning extremely early in the morning when almost no one is online.

I request better gold drops from 439+ dungeons to help facilitate gearing.
At current the kelsiak player base is small and its economy is rather weak by comparison of pve server or even pcs.

I am aware the Revamp patch for console just dropped but at current console is missing numerous Quality of Life adjustments that already exist within the Heroic Oath patch

By strangle holding consoles economy by method of sparcity you create struggle and frustration as they dont feel rewarded for their efforts.

@CobaltDragon it feels like youre the only GM that listens either on purpose or purely by coincidence, im aware your power is limited but if this can at least be passed along to better the console experience i would appreciate it.

Anyone else can make requests to let this be known just keep them REASONABLE and not ask for anything that doesnt exist or is utterly absurd.


  • +1 please fix
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    Alot of the stuff is things in future patches, you'll get them eventually...only things that aren't are like CU (prob cause console struggles with anything over 20 players so CU would blow boxes), glyph pages and dual rolls which should have been in before/With gear change.

    Crafting revamp was with Fishing, *After* HO.
  • No there was a primary crafting revamp BEFORE the heroic oath

    There was a SECOND ONE after HO
  • Still bringing attention until it at least gets acknowledged
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 15
    PC has way way more grind to the point that this game is a really bad copy of BDO right now.
    Ofc you get better rewards on PC cuz gearing there is WAY more expensive, cost wise SC+9 is a joke next to HO+3.
    And even then they thought we needed more grind and now we got to farm BAMs for ~3 months plus 2~3 mil gold per char on that [filtered] lv 70 patch.
    Imho you guys from console are on the last patch worth playing.
    Most things they did after HO patch only destroyed this game, you can cleary see the trend here: https://steamcharts.com/app/323370
    No there was a primary crafting revamp BEFORE the heroic oath

    There was a SECOND ONE after HO
    There's not a single mid/long term plan or clear direction for this game, they revamp game systems and classes every 6 months cuz they always change the dev team.
    Now we got devs from BDO and they got no clue at all about Tera, you can cleary see that on the new gathering tools/Halidom thing that lack gear exp +% enchantment correction which goes against the very nature of the Arsenal (gear revamp) patch that the previous developers did hahaha! :)
  • MaximumbootyMaximumbooty ✭✭
    edited April 15
    Obviously pc has way more grind as of patch 80 but dont you dare say pc has higher prices on SC and HO gear

    Console has the PRE NERF prices and herioc oath already exists on console.

    And idrc about patch 80 atm or the devs BDO like behavior because it apparently hasnt killed NA nor EU like everyone says every update would

    What i am asking for are the Quality of Life systems like dual speccing for example that exist on pc BEFORE HEROIC OATH PATCH THAT CONSOLE ALREADY HAS NOW

    to be put in the game.

    Any argument against this is just arguing against making the game smoother.
  • Also +1... especially in regards to the merge.
  • Boof swoi bump
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