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What’s wrong and right with Tera...

It took me almost 2 years to rise my chars to lv65 (I’m a weekend player) I’ve seen how Tera change for good and for worse but now is like a madness race for lvUp in hours and the CEO’s of Tera are feeding this behavior, they have forgotten that this is a game for hours and hours of fun togheter (is MMORPG right?) not feed the ego of some power players that play 12 – 16 hrs at day.

The right things are simple: beautiful design, the best combat system, the rewards are great but almost all directed to power players… the history is just good even the music is great for each environment.

The bad… where I start? With basic stuff. They took from us the power of create your own weapons to prefer the insane need of ppl of get the most powerful in the less time or effort, they give 100’s of useless items that end destroyed (want to save bandwidth? Server cycles? Fix this!) you can convert basic feedstock but not lv3 into lv4 this is absurd, they decided that you can’t dismantle your gear anymore and sell it gives cero, with the new progression system you don’t lose it but the free of choice and the fun of made it is gone, the soulbound system is stupid, sometimes is bound to the buyer and sometimes bound when equipped I agree with the restriction but ALL the items should be bound when equipped I’ve lost many items in this way.

And you always have to face the RNG… the worst and most pathetic mockery I’ve seen applied to a community, example:
9 keys open 9 fashion strong boxes = 90 potions… high tier gear depends on RNG instead of your work for getting the materials, this is an insult to our decision to open or what you need for your character
I agree that the most powerful gear must be the harder to get… but in Tera all depends on RNG (even fusion basics crystals goes to fail and you need to close and open the stupid window) this is not the way… they rise the time of minning and harvest to 15s (spend 50 golds for lowering 2s without immunity is idiotic) This is so disruptive in the flow of the game! Tera is not funny anymore.
Unfortunately I do not have the link but someone did a survey and RNG is better for the Elins… if this is true the CEO’s are taking a very lame decisions.
I know the Elin are the prime race and save Tera, but Tera is known as a game for “strange” people, but not all the players likes the Elin clad in sexy nurse! A brawler Elin?... Where is the she elf Valkirie, Aman or Baraka brawler makes more sense, I know that a lot of players will love a human ninja or a Castanic Reaper: Give us the same deal!

The CEO’s make decisions but I think that this guys are nerds that know very little about REAL life and they feel powerful torturing the Tera’s community with the RNG and caca like this, you can’t change something without good or bad feelings, but by all the gods of Egypt and Sumerian! Change the things for good not for bad!... The quality CEO suck! the prove is at hand the need of a rollback (great decision restore my faith a little) but you should FIRE the designer or programmer that do this 80 x 800 in the scrolls, by the goddess…

And now no more semi enigmatic scrolls or fashion coupons… You can not take away from a player the right he has had for years to choose the appearance of his character! It was right! fight your way to pick the poor options you offered more skins for Elins than the others Want more money? For pay negligent developers that make horrors like the rollback? Rise the cost of lingerie customs for the pervs that play here! Clad cute dolls in lingerie is a sick behavior here and in other universe, do it in a similar stuff…

You’re broke? Stop giving Tera for free… I’ll pay $10 – 20 for playing WITH FULL ACCESS FOREVER! Not the undercover bleed of elite bonus of $100 -$200 at year. This game is not a payToWin you CEO’s are making Tera a payToFun game… and Tera is doomed.

Don’t tell me how a server, a set of developers and installations costs… I Know because I’m a dir, owner and CEO of my own company, Tera most be a healthy business, you should trade fun for money not frustration for do it again with more money.

Please don’t post here: go and play GW or BDO maybe you should better there, or like animal write down “you’re not the center of the universe” I play Tera because for me is the best game around but you CEO’s have no common sense We are the community of Tera! we have the responsibility to rise our voice and say this is wrong and this is right, but you CEO’s have to hear what a community says if not you end killing the game that you did for us.

Don’t rest… add, makes the rewards hard to obtain for increasing the lifespan of the game don’t feed the obsession of the ppl fast, free and sick, fix and give the same options to each class and race (since when you can’t buy fashion for Valkiries? and they will never fix it because they suck!) rise the HP of enemies for making each battle memorable kill 10 not 1000, rise the need to play with others the actual state of the boss dungeons is sad, don’t force us to FISH!, make a counter instead of a RNG you kill 10 BAMS you got 10 of this and 1 of that, give us a real flow into the game, stop pushing the players for lvUp to max in a few hours, give us the real point in being here… fun! not frustration! I’ll post more like this I hope the community gang with me with the hope that you CEO’s hear us what we have to say.

and believe me your incoms will rise…


  • MidokuPastaMidokuPasta ✭✭✭✭
    Boy if you open 9 box's and get no coupons then the RNG gods hate you. For ever 5 I open I end up with at least 400 coupons. OOF.
  • It sounds... like a child's rant. Look, if you believe they have a semi-passable game model, but lack the expertise to execute it correctly, then why not hire a team to make a game more to your standards if you're a ceo? If you hate how the game is, blame Korea's model for it, cause that's where our stuff comes from, and some of it is remixed to get closer to standard of gameplay for NA players. If you look back and read the majority of what you typed, it comes across as incoherent rabble. They are a company and they are doing what they think works for their company, and since it hasn't gone under and we haven't had any major reports of them going into the red or filing for bankruptcy, it must actually be functioning pretty decently. Is it the best policy? No. Does it work for them? For now, yes.

    Rather than throwing a tantrum, focus on one major goal you want, and suggest it. They can't repair everything at the snap of a finger, and if they have no clear direction, then they'll simply stare at the blank wall not knowing what the community wants, because if they, the community, can't make up their own minds what they want, it becomes impossible to change anything. IF you guys want the game to change for real? Stop whining at the company, and come up with a concrete change you guys want done to the game and voice it as a group. Not "this is our list, fix it.", but, "this is one thing we need in this game to continue to support it". If you guys can settle on one or two things every couple of months, rather than a giant list of complaints, we might get somewhere. Until then? Probably not.
  • childs rant... How expose a problem or bad behavior without outline 1st and expected to get the right directions? nonsense comment
    Make a game to fit my standard? stupid sentence...
    This is why Tera is known for having the most toxic people... Don't try to nag me you're not better than me, help us to the right directions, I only exposed the talks of some players, this is not only MY opinion!

    Read your words: Blame Korea, stop whinning the company...
    Contradictory as hell, if I hate Tera I will not spend my time here but I spend time answering at people like you. I want directions, this is a bug in the core, this must be detailed like this and the request go here: if you don't help don't post trying to insult me ​​to feed your ego
  • MidokuPastaMidokuPasta ✭✭✭✭
    RNG is better for the Elins ROFL. And yet my High Elf Male is the one that got the RNG Crit Dragon on its second try opening loot box's , and Elleons gold weapon. Boy, your Logic is so fcking flawed.
  • .... Esteno, two things.

    one- Learn how to construct proper sentences.
    two- Learn what contradictory means.
    Just because you can't accept or understand my argument, that alone does not give you the right to call me stupid. You call me toxic while insulting a very valid criticism of an argument that neither holds grounds nor provides constructive solutions? Grow up. If you're any kind of CEO of any company, I will assure you it will sink in less than a year with that kind of ideological ignorance.
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    You... really can't pull off an appeal claiming to be an authority on business models and then propose a $10-$20 one-time fee to get full access to the game forever. This game costs millions of dollars to keep alive each month, considering development, infrastructure, platform systems, localization, support, marketing, management, and on and on. You're proposing a price cheaper than the average single-player game for a full live-service MMORPG.

    So anyway, I can't take this thread seriously, and (I feel confident in informing you) neither will any of the "CEOs" at BHS or EME. If you want to offer suggestions about how to improve the game, by all means, but just speak from the perspective of what you want and feel as a player. This thread is doomed, so I'm closing it.
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