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Best Players of the respective classes of ALL TIME in PvP discussion.



  • Yeah honestly should of worded it to be "The most impactful player of their class during the period of time they played" or something along those lines.
  • "Brawler - Craving followed by aveon followed by Fear followed by Napti followed by Zlegends followed by Envy (purizer if active gets second for brawler impact. Freeform ahead of Zlegends for overall mass)"

    LMFAO CARVING ABOVE AVEON/FEAR? Must be a sync follower delusional mind. PUTTING ZLEGENDZ ON THE LIST, ALSO ABOVE ENVY I'm DYING @Piltover hello gunner .. also if you are talking about best class of each period. Please do not mention ANYONE that was relevant during syncs especially. Why? Cause they aren't the best class, they are the best group/party/matchmakers rofl!

    Imagine always being in a group of 7 people and kicking anyone you want to get even more players -> hit 1400 pretty easily right. I hope those same players don't think that means they are "good" at their class or even the best of the class XD!

    Maybe exception would be cobra or napti in these syncs due to BAM sniping, but outside of that seeing these lists having 70% Proxy users is so cringy.

    Just leave them out and not post at all thanks!

    @AdornBattlefield When did Freeform play slayer above Kool? just glancing at these lists makes my eyes hurt.
  • Not even mentioning the Warrior section holy f**k Samurai or Warrior followed by K.A then Evoken? Those are ALL SP PLAYERS! Add some damn legit players that don't script or abuse macros.

    Only really legit and nontroll post to take seriously here is @jrtseven 's list. Everyone else worried their sync will kick them if they don't suck their Ds on a random "TOP PLAYER" list lmao!

    Have you seen ANY valkyrie players lately? Oh wait they all quit when their class went from BROKEN OP to avg or borderline lowtier. Don't compare people who were randomly dominant during FOTM classes or syncs. If they can do well riding the ups and downs of their class without 8 other people in call on discord they far deserve to be higher or named on the list than damn K.A or Zlegendz.

    Maybe some players can be good individually but they sure haven't proved themselves either in duels or skyring for almost 2 years! Mind as well just say the older players are better cause without syncs you wouldn't see 90% of the current so called "best players of their class"
  • ChakNenseChakNense ✭✭
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    Best ping 80% + Brain 6% + Dedication 4% + Available time 5% + Hands and fingers free of a repetitive strain injury (RSI) 5%. = 100% Best Pvp Player. So these lists of pvp forgers do not convince me, when I've seen a lot of Latin players with horrible ping shattering many pvp "geniuses", as you say. Now, imagine if they had the same ping as the people of North America? By the way, America is a continent, not a country, okay?

    Lalala... ;)
  • MrTubbyMrTubby ✭✭
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    Lancer - Ratuche
    Warrior - Rururi
    Slayer - Lacari
    Berserker - D.T or Warmth
    Ninja - (No clue)
    Valkyrie - (no Clue)
    Reaper - X.R
    Archer - Suntail
    Sorcerer - Haimon
    Gunner - (No idea)
    Brawler - This is a meme
    Priest - BlueBunny (nerdrage) BabyDoll (overpower) Haught (GF)
    Mystic - Full.Ressurection
  • sanj66sanj66 ✭✭✭✭
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    MrTubby wrote: »
    Slayer - Lacari

  • sanj66 wrote: »
    MrTubby wrote: »
    Slayer - Lacari


    i know its a meme but he actually was a good gvg leader cant deny that
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    I'm an old player so Flowroro and Mudkip .. ? are the only Slayers that i know :shrug:
  • Archer - A.js
    Beserker - Spookyz
    Brawler - zLegendz
    Gunner - Some [filtered] in mana
    Lancer - bbui1997
    Mystic - Nirar
    Ninja - Attractions
    Priest - Dirty sugar
    Reaper - any [filtered] that can spiral sunder in mass
    Slayer - blue.waffle
    Sorc - Samuelpoobear
    Valkyrie - consanance
    Warrior - Frisson
    accurate list for players that were in there prime lancer valk and sorc debatable
  • @MrTubby can you comprehend english? best leader dosent mean best player of his class. Good lord and all lacari did was yell and act hype af, which is a respectable trait comparing tera players but like xD?!

  • 73K5HJREXP wrote: »
    @MrTubby can you comprehend english? best leader dosent mean best player of his class. Good lord and all lacari did was yell and act hype af, which is a respectable trait comparing tera players but like xD?!

    i mean he was actually good when vanguard was still a thing. Not to many people could beat him in 1v1s when people actually dueled in kanstria which was basically the old VO. But i mean its just my opinion on things there were not to many notable slayers that i really remember standing out that were not in Manup tbh cause it was broken at release a complete meme for years and then after they broke stun duration it became relevant again.
  • MatrixOfLeadersMatrixOfLeaders ✭✭✭
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    This post should be renamed "Who has the best script"
  • My personal opinion on players that raised the bar for their respective classes and had the most impact in the game while actively playing.

    Archer - Suntail and Xilian
    Beserker - D.T, Painwheel and Yulie
    Brawler - Aveon and Bruiser
    Gunner - A.M and Kernil
    Lancer - Apex, Aura, Gold and Pokedex
    Mystic - Amy, Full.Res, and Saturn
    Ninja - Rating
    Priest - Amy, Jackie, Please.Heal.Me, Saturn and Vhiessu
    Reaper - Lewing, Moroku and Numbnips
    Slayer - Claires.Blade, Cool, Krudge and Suntail
    Sorc - Haiimon, Icha, Impulse and Minks
    Valkyrie - Myon, Numbnips, Voltic
    Warrior - Judo
  • JarecksJarecks ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    YWLD3DX3WH wrote: »
    Archer - Afro
    Beserker - Painwheel
    Brawler - Aveon
    Gunner - A.M
    Lancer - Ozbek
    Mystic - idk Saturn?
    Ninja - Ryan/Raysu
    Priest - They're all the same tbh but probably Please.Heal.Me
    Reaper - Seanpai or Numbnips
    Slayer - Kool
    Sorc - Merlinsbeer or Icha
    Valkyrie - Honestly not too sure, most valks were peoples alts anyways
    Warrior - Backstab

    I'll do this for you though. This is off impact, not pure skill, and putting aside all bias
    Game impact past 2 years all around, all battlegrounds
    Zerk - Painwheel followed by Numbnips followed by Deft followed by Myonz followed by Lukey (Painwheel and Numbnips swap based off of activity)
    (there is no ARCHER) - Cobra(for more team oriented gameplay) followed by Tyler(all around gameplay) (Cobra and tyler swap based off of type of pvp - Cobra is more team and objective focused while Tyler is more mechanical and self focused) followed by Paul followed by D.M.D
    Brawler - Craving followed by aveon followed by Fear followed by Napti followed by Zlegends followed by Envy (purizer if active gets second for brawler impact. Freeform ahead of Zlegends for overall mass)
    Gunner - A.M followed by Kernil
    Lancer - Bubble followed by (active Pokedex with group) followed by Trance followed by Meansu followed by Freeform followed by Lukey.
    Mystic - Amy followed by Aer (saturn gets second when focusing mystic. Shiba first when active.)
    Ninja - Ryan followed by Ruri followed by Raysu (bump Kenny to second assuming Shorehold. Freeform ahead of Raysu for mass)
    Priest - Adizoa followed by Suspense followed by Buffgasm (saturn and Kenny pleasehealme take first and second when active and trying. Shiba takes first when actively doing pvp)
    Reaper - Lewing followed by Kren followed by Trance followed by Desparity followed by Lowbie followed by Peri. Numbnips takes first when actively playing reaper.
    Slayer - Porscia followed by Freeform followed by Kool followed by Gutz followed by Spica
    Sorc - Icha followed by Fix followed by Koshu
    Valkyrie - Myonz followed by Fansub followed by Ego followed by Slaay
    Warrior - Sam(urai) followed by K.A. followed by Evoken

    Lmao some of your selections are memes like K.A , Fear, zlegends ,wheres Bruiser in ur list? that brawler is a machine
    wheres pumped and bruiser lancer (apex) and , wheres judo? wheres syke? wheres the god archer suntail? and xilian? lowbie is better than several of your list
  • JarecksJarecks ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    my list of all times

    Lancer - Gold - Tsumori - Pokedex - Reborn - Bubble - Pumped - Apex
    Warrior - Judo - Suzamia - Rizzy
    Slayer - Suntail - Coool - Syke - Blue
    Berserker - D.T - Painwheel - Yuls - Lukey - Myonz - Shitnips
    Ninja - Rating - Shitnips - Raysu
    Valkyrie - Myonz - Shitnips - Pumped
    Reaper - Numbnips - Lowbie - Tyler - Lewing
    Archer - Suntail - Xilian - Jellybee - Tyler
    Sorcerer - Haimon - Icha - Raysu
    Gunner - A.M - Robbie - Bruiser
    Brawler - Aveon - Bruiser
    Priest - Saturn - Kenny - Meido
    Mystic - Full.Ressurection
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