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Best Players of the respective classes of ALL TIME in PvP discussion.



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    ive seen most of those players play and alot of them are nice ppl, some are just pure toxic though *cough* immortal and deft *cough*
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    These are my favorite best players
    Archer: Slurm
    Brawler: Bruiser
    Berzerker: Bullchoker
    Gunner: Polaris
    Lancer: Apex
    Mystic: Rub
    Ninja: Ms.yaoi
    Reaper: Wool.ball
    Sorcerer: Merlinsbeer
    Slayer: Bluedarkness
    Priest: Mousy
    Valk: Luxrelia
    Warrior: Napti

    (Pls like my list)
  • These are my favorite best players
    Archer: Knightmare
    Brawler: Chief
    Berzerker: SoKawaiiDesu
    Gunner: Fansub
    Lancer: Kira.Ratio
    Mystic: General
    Ninja: Kaahn
    Reaper: Wool.ball
    Sorcerer: Dante.Devil.Hunter
    Slayer: Berntkaskel(IP2)
    Priest: Ruli
    Valk: Luke/Trance
    Warrior: Samurai/K.A/Saturn

    (Pls like my list)
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