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Complaint about broker listing tax for Elite



  • > @Krystaline said:
    > Dumb question: Their "I'm sorry for the rollback, here's 5 days of elite" was nice except for the players who already subscribed. Do they plan anything special for the people who already subscribed?? We got nothing. Please suggest that a free week or two of elite ONLY for the people who already subbed would be nice. We have paid them monthly only to have our perks given out to everyone else for free.

    Entitlement 101.

    Are you seriously complaining about a few days of Elite....
  • TheDarkWanTheDarkWan ✭✭✭
    #1 never say this was a BHS decision. That is a lie, every publisher has the right to change what they want on their version. #2 Tera is no longer a pc game, it has been changed to a mobile game over 2 years ago and with the new dungeon points system it’s more clear than ever now. #3 Changes to the entire structure of the game is a must or in less than 6 month the game is dead, my evidence is look at broker and emp prices. #4 I will never support Tera again with EMP purchase, not with elite not with Tera store purchases. When all the crazy money hungry bad decisions end I will support it again.
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