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Someone is coming...

Any idea what this might be?


  • Its Elin Brawler
  • > @Maximumbooty said:
    > Its not elin brawler
    > Its the Lady Taannly Tears/Keys event.

    Who's lady Taannly?
  • Getting ready for Elin Brawler its Lady Tanly in the loading screen.
  • Soooooooooo elin brawler is actually here, before male brawler
    great, just GREAT
  • I had faith theyd do the right thing.

    I need to stop believing in them real talk. I love Elins but cmon this is such a low priority.


    Elins are priority number one, wth want some hairy dude brawler pffft.

  • There are so many elins that EME kind of knows they'd get more out of releasing the Elin brawler before the male brawler.
  • is all about this $$ it sells it did save Tera at one time maybe still is saving it, idk I like Elins I have them but I would like to see the others get more attention and yeah its disappointing that she came before the male brawler after all he came before her on pc...
  • How about elf brawler ey? :)
  • With as much as they make from the loot boxes especially the new Phoenix ones and now strongbox keys idk they could have released him regardless of the financial fails. I could be wrong but I think he might have pulled in more in console than pc :)
  • But they built zero hype for the elin brawler. with this little hype it would have made a lot more sense to release the male brawler now. If this was a profit thing I honestly think they would have waited to drop it till later, I'm thinking it was just an easier thing to patch right now. look how much hype they had on Elin gunners for comparison, or they were trying to address the lack of tank issue as fast as possible. I may be wrong but it didn't feel released as a money grab.
  • RomZRomZ ✭✭
    Hopefully popori brawler will come next
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