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    Christin wrote: »
    The whopping 2% hasn't really bothered the broker at all. In fact, people are still undercutting like crazy. For every 1 person the lose over the 2% listing fee, they'll gain 5 over the other better elite benefits. Don't forget you also get a 5% discount on the buyitnow fees.

    Hello, i am not trying to entirely argue with you so please do not take it as such but instead i am looking to share some information from the broker.


    As you can see the Diamond is now sold at 12k up to 13k per piece while before the tax it used to be around 10.5k for so many months always having a stable price but now this happened and we even had some nights lately when for example we had Diamonds being sold at broker ( and history ) for even 14k per piece.

    Of course, we can consider that the enchanting event is increasing the demand but we had enchanting events in the past and the Diamonds still had a stable price never going up to 14k per piece.

    Also, the etchings II are much more expensive now with an increase of 25% up to 50% due to the lack of etching materials ( etching III almost disappeared from the broker actually when we were able to see so many at 8k before the tax ) but also the fact that once again the players are less inclined to spend time into something that might not be always profitable ( the fear of adding items for a fee to be undercut and not selling items while losing the fee is real even though it might not happen since the possibility by itself makes players to live with this fear ).

    And this might be only the beginning since hopefully we are not going to see Diamonds slowly but steadily being sold at 14k per piece or even 15k per piece sometimes in the future when enchanting above a certain point relies on the said items so much while Etchings II could end up even at 20k per piece.

    p.s. having to gear up the main or even alts gets so much more harder by the day
  • > @Krystaline said:
    > Dumb question: Their "I'm sorry for the rollback, here's 5 days of elite" was nice except for the players who already subscribed. Do they plan anything special for the people who already subscribed?? We got nothing. Please suggest that a free week or two of elite ONLY for the people who already subbed would be nice. We have paid them monthly only to have our perks given out to everyone else for free.

    Entitlement 101.

    Are you seriously complaining about a few days of Elite....
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    #1 never say this was a BHS decision. That is a lie, every publisher has the right to change what they want on their version. #2 Tera is no longer a pc game, it has been changed to a mobile game over 2 years ago and with the new dungeon points system it’s more clear than ever now. #3 Changes to the entire structure of the game is a must or in less than 6 month the game is dead, my evidence is look at broker and emp prices. #4 I will never support Tera again with EMP purchase, not with elite not with Tera store purchases. When all the crazy money hungry bad decisions end I will support it again.
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