Warrior Tanking

I really Enjoy tanking as a warrior, granted I'm only up to ilvl 431. but the thing I'm struggling with is flagging myself as a tank. I already know matchmaking won't let me. But for LFG is there an easy way for people to identify me as a tank?


  • Nope unless you only ask for dps/healers n let them know beforehand
  • RustigoRustigo ✭✭
    So far the only way ive been getting into groups is to find on ethat needs both a tank and DPS and then once I am in saying Surprise I'm a TanK! Wish we could have wo sets of glyphs and
  • RustigoRustigo ✭✭
    wow two sets of glyphs and Niveots couldn't finish my thought
  • TLXTLX ✭✭
    *rising hand* i am another warrior tank who desire that matchmaking consider or know the difference between warrior tank or warrior dps. On LFG you should not find any problem to find ppl who want a warrior tank tho.
  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    Or that they give Warriors as well as Brawlers two sets of talent specialization options. One for Tanking and one for DPS, that they can switch between. Say you want to DPS on your Brawler instead of tanking, you just click a button to switch to your DPS spec, and vice versa if you want to tank.

    However, it'll never happen. Like so many other things with this game. :)
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