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An Idea if Tera 2 did exist



  • LordMurasamaLordMurasama ✭✭✭
    66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
    Cut out all the unnecessary, superfluous races and make it elins only.

    TERA 2 story arc has all citizens of Arborea "Elinified" after the Argon threat has been supplanted by Princess Rida's ongoing secret plans to make Squirrels superior (this explains why her tail is sometimes in her face in original TERA; unintended mutation from her experiments which also transforms all citizens into Elins). Game is therefore now known officially as (T)he (E)linified (R)ealm of (A)rborea.

    Seriously though, Krafton will likely re-think a TERA 2 depending on how well A:IR does...
    Giovanie wrote: »
    tbh i would like to see a "TERA 2" but as of right now i'm waiting for AIR to come out i wanna see what that is going to bring.

    Been playing Playpark's Thai-SEA OBT for A:IR. Krafton has managed to exceed my expectations by a huge margin with their custom enhancements to UE3 (I haven't experienced noticeable client FPS drops and have only seen texture loading prioritization a few times in heavily trafficked hubs). Current TERA would actually benefit from this; it would still require work because A:IR uses a later build of UE3 so Krafton would still need to rewrite portions of the client (but it would be nowhere near the production work/costs for converting to UE4).

    The ground combat/stance changing is pretty decent (not too much a fan of the way they implemented the mounted aerial combat though); just need to remember it's LoS (line of sight) based. There's some misinformation regarding the combat; it isn't tabbed-targeting based; it's action combat with LoS targeting as well as class specific skills that are soft-lockon while other skills are telegraphed. Most TERA PvE players will adapt to it fine.

    Life skilling, crafting, and the housing system (instanced estate or open world premium estate) are much more indepth ala ArcheAge since that is where you can get more storage, level up workbenches, etc. My only concern is what kind of ridiculous monetization (and thus cash shop design) Kakao Games will come up with for the Korean, North American, and European version.
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