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What is Arka doing with the Tera dragons?

They probably bought it but if not just saying if they didn't buy it then it's copyright.


  • PhaineinPhainein Missouri, USA ✭✭
    What is Arka?
  • LordMurasamaLordMurasama ✭✭✭
    edited May 3
    Arka is a mobile based MMORPG with aerial combat by this small Korean studio (Ulu Games).

    The dragon is probably purchased assets since Bluehole has done the same for some stuff used in TERA (actually, lot of Korean studios utilize 3rd party designed assets which is why you sometimes see the same design like hairstyles as an example, across different games).
  • MoonpeltMoonpelt ✭✭
    Makes sense now.
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