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Enraged Monsters - Answered

Now that there is some cosmetic incentive for us lazy folk to upgrade our gear, the question most asked is about the Increase Damage to Enraged Monsters lines for rolls. Since the enraged up time has been lowered, it was advised that the top rolls no longer be that. OK, but what about the other rolls? Should both rolls be changed or just the top roll?

Just asking here, because I've looked all over Google and can't find anything recent other than the enraged times have been lowered. I asked in global, and yeah, it's a noob question, so I get ignored. LOL I am upgrading 14 characters, so hence why I ask as I don't want to have to get semis for all of that gear.


  • Change both its effectiveness dropped. Rather than 1 xdr and 2 enrage youll just have 2 cdr and 1 enrage

    All youre doing is shifting priority
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    OK thanks. I will change top and just leave bottom rolls with an enraged effect. Thanks.
  • AlastanaAlastana ✭✭
    i find i still do a decent amount of damage for the enrage effects but i will test to see if there is a difference
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