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Item upgrade percent value

Xbox: The listed item percent upgrade chance does not appear to represent the actual percentage chance to upgrade equipment
While failing upgrades can be disappointing, failing multiple upgrades at high percentage values could indicate a problem with the server side coding.
I am aware that the nature of random number generators can create the appearance of an issue when a small sample size is used however, that should not stop the verification that all processes are working as intended. Because I can only test with a small sample size, I can only say that the appearance of a problem has presented itself.
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    2 more fails followed but i was too upset and shut the game off instead of recording again. Honestly anything over 75% chance has been a strait up coin flip in my experience so far. I would have gotten more item xp but its so flippin unbalanced for a support player. Just takes waaaayy too long to gain xp. Dont think im gonna upgrade any more on this character.
  • I went broke trying lol. In all seriousness though if you fail at 100% chance to upgrade like I did it is very discouraging. I'm not ready to throw the towel in just yet but it has been tempting. I hope things get better for any one struggling with this whole revamp.
  • Failing at a 100% chance is a huge red flag. If your report is accurate and repeatable, well that would just be bad.
  • It has happened more than once and yeah its really bad when it did. It finally moved today :) Now I think I am ready to take a break from playing for a little.
  • Well if you see something like that happening and manage to capture like Paco did, please post it for the devs to see. I am glad you were to upgrade your gear. =)
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