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Future Updates

I want to adress one realy major thing these days on tera PS4, idk what plans EME have for us but realy !! Elin gunner and after that Elin Brawler when people already have SC+7 or higher ? Now you start merge servers which is finaly something for us but realising classes instead of awakening patches ? What we are supposed to do now farming with same builds where some classes feels realy underpowered ? Besides that Item Level is major cancer right now people who spend money on "Super" strongbox event end up with so much gold and they can realy easy enchant their gear and after that Item Level elite is born. People arent invited to party because they have like Twistshard gear and trying to go LK NM. They can use IM but everyone knows hot it looks. For me Brain is more then IL and some of our runs in easy LKHM when we take TW/ Guardian geared tank / heal and they was much better then full SC guys. As for DPS until we get DPS meter for console we cant sort people and people with 441 IL etc cant show others they play good. Personaly iam PC veteran i played before F2P and ended on PC in first awakening patch. I hope EME wakes up and finaly deliver us this patches atleast high geared people can start learning rotations etc because it feels realy bad to just login and seeing just leveling events on same classes just to try sell more costumes for them .....


  • 1) they released the classes as they are easier to code into the game compared to awakening
    2) some classes are always going to be underpowered regardless to before or after awakening patch
    3) people choose to spend money on strongbox event, you could have as well but clearly didnt, they spent money and they got rewards, this event was avalible to everyone
    4) anyone will take a stormcry player over someone in twist, not saying gear = skill but most the time higher geared players are better

    Considering you've say you've played for so long and are from pc i'd thought you would understand all this...
  • Dps meter would finally open eyes for some players and helps min maxers with their builds.
  • > @Maximumbooty said:
    > > @Sekiato said:
    > > Dps meter would finally open eyes for some players and helps min maxers with their builds.
    > No it wouldnt.

    Yes, it would. I have all the non elin locked classes at 65 geared up at least ilvl 431, read guides on glyphs, got the right crystals for all of them and when I'm on my Mystic main (440) while their burn is slow; I know for a fact that a solo dps meter or instance to test dmg is a better use of their time then wasting mine keeping their azz alive.
  • Yeah maybe for some parties it will not be best, but for every normal player that will be awsome bcs i realy like to know how improved i am for example rotation changes gear upgrades diferent stat rolls etc.
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    We've offered suggestions for a personal dps meter (one only you can see) which may or may not happen.
  • XBOX and PS4 are currently on version 4 of Patch 66 (around 4+ years of content vs. PC)

    The next major patch would be Patch 67, commonly referred to as Sevenfold Apex.

    The following 7 classes with ilvl 439+ receive quest lines to access Apex skills:

    All classes without Apex skills receive a passive skill which increases their power against monsters.

    In addition to this, we should expect EnMasse to continue their practice of mini patches related to the slow release of existing classes by gender and race.

    Next up is the Male Brawler for Humans on July 1st. I would expect Female Human Brawlers to Follow.

    Eventually they may extend, Valkrie and Gunner to all races and they should. Choice is king and would greatly bolster morale in the player base.
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    I mentioned this on another thread, but I'll say it here as well. I'd use PC patch notes as a very loose guideline of what console will get seeing as our patches have been mixes with console specific differences.
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