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[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

Duo emotes.

So, im playing tera for more than 5 years, i love the game so much, but i still miss somethings in game that tera don't have, like duo emotes or couple emotes.
I wanted so much the game had a feature like that, i see a lot of couples in tera and it would be a nice thing to give to them.

Something like a hug emote, kiss emote, etc..
But yea with consent between the two players, example: A menu pops up in your screen with a accept and decline options for the duo/couple emote.

Would be really nice if it get added to the game.


  • agreed however I think even if they don't want couple emotes they should have added /dance to have your companion pet dancing with you, imo this is a missed opportunity.
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