Hide the HUD?

hello. so... the other night or so, i dropped the keyboard and my HUD was hidden. it came back easy enough. but i wouldn't mind knowing exactly how it is done ^_^



  • does anyone know how to hide the HUD?

    again, occurred by accident when dropping the keyboard one night. i have personally only tried every key and then some. every key by itself and with 1, 2, and 3 modifiers. but other then modifiers, i haven't tried any other key combinations. too many :/
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    Currently not able to do this...Any hud disappearing is a graphic glitch
  • I would love a hide hud option.
  • Vinyltails wrote: »
    Currently not able to do this...Any hud disappearing is a graphic glitch

    if it is a glitch, then it must be reproducible. all i did was drop the keyboard and it happened when a bunch of keys got pressed. and no, i haven't tried dropping it more hehe :P

    either way, must be possible. oh wells :(
  • I was on the beach with my mystic and tried to see who of the guild members were online but the screen was loading forever so i made a video in the meantime lol.

    Can't wait to have same cool hide hud feature like on pc :)
  • hello. i have been playing on PC for a while now, but prefer the console version. has anything been done to give console hide HUD? anyone?
  • Press the touchpad or whatever xbox had
    Hit right on dpad
    Hud gone
  • 93HT3J6ME493HT3J6ME4 ✭✭
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    awesome deal! thank you! :)

    playing on PC has been a nightmare, and i can't wait to go back to PS4. not having proper gamepad support in an Action-style MMO is a huge mistake. and even though the console version performs poorly, it actually has better detail in graphics! *mind blown*
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